Get to Know doTERRA Corporate

Shannon Bible, Director of Leadership Services & Recognition

A native of Orem, Utah, Shannon Bible attended Brigham Young University and earned a bachelor’s degree in English. She then worked at another company for ten years and managed recognition and events activities for the Americas, Europe, and South Pacific regions.

What challenges do you face in your role at doTERRA?

It’s a challenge to keep up with our Wellness Advocates! We try to stay ahead of the game, but sometimes our growth surpasses our expectations. It’s a challenge to anticipate our Leaders’ needs and to support everyone. However, this is also an opportunity. We are lucky to work with amazing Leaders who are capable, kind, and driven.

What do you want Wellness Advocates to know about your job?

I want them to know that we’re always interested in what is working well for them and what isn’t working. We can’t fix everything immediately, but we do want to know and be aware. We want you to be able to trust your Account Managers. Even if we don’t have all of the answers right away, we are always willing to dig in and find the solution. It’s truly a partnership—we want to partner with you. In both Account Management and Recognition, we care about you personally. David Stirling often says that we’re a big company and we’re continually growing, but we want to maintain the spirit and soul of a small company. I take that very personally, and my team works to find ways to make individuals feel cared about and valued.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I’m a bit of a nerd, so I love the processes involved in everything we do, but my real favorite part of my job is the people. I work with amazing teams in Recognition and Account Management, and I’m lucky that my job lets me get to know many people throughout the company. I feel very spoiled because I also get to know our Leaders, and I hear about the great things they’re doing on a daily basis.

What motivates you in your job?

I love to see people progress. We assess and track the Account Managers’ progress in several ways, including on personal, team, and professional levels. It’s so fun to see them grow in confidence and advance in skills. I also get to see our Leaders’ growth, and I hear firsthand about all they do. It motivates me to find ways to better support them and help them grow.


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