Doing It Her Way

Shaleen Hogan

“Because of doTERRA, I’ve grown as a person, a mom, a wife, a coworker. I love being able to help other people, and it has changed my level of satisfaction in life.” 

Shaleen attributes much of her success to her team as well. “Reaching Diamond is really a team accomplishment. You can’t do it on your own, and it’s much more rewarding when you achieve it as a team. I love working with my leaders and helping them achieve what’s important to them. My team inspires and motivates me. On hard days, I show up for them.”

And of course, her Why has kept her motivated throughout her journey. Shaleen says, “My number-one Why is to empower others to see the importance of finding freedom for their health, wealth, and time. I seek to achieve financial freedom for myself so that I may have time freedom with my children, family, and friends. I know I want this because time is the most precious gift; with time, we can make memories, smile, laugh, give back, have fun, and touch others’ lives. I know how precious life is and that it can be gone in an instant. I don’t want to spend mine doing something that does not fuel my soul.”

Looking to the future, Shaleen is excited to continue helping others find financial peace and health solutions. “I know there are others out there who need us. They need not only our products, but they need someone to believe in them until they can believe in themselves.”



“It’s easy to make excuses for why you don’t have time to do something. Don’t buy into it! You make time for things that are a priority. If you have a vision and your Why is strong enough, you’ll make it.”


“Do what it takes on a daily basis. Accept that sacrifices will have to occur to make progress. For me, it was sleep. I get up at 4:30 am before going to work. That is my quiet time to do computer work, etc.”


“It’s your own journey. I set non-negotiable points, and one is that I try my hardest not to book classes two nights in a row. Could I have built faster? Probably, but there’s no price tag for the time I spend with my children.”


“Reaching a team goal is the most rewarding accomplishment. I love to work with my leaders, and help them accomplish their goals. My team motivates me, and I want to see them achieve the freedoms they desire.”

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