Love & Serve

Nicole Kezama

“Anybody can do this business. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist—you can be an average woman or man. Just care about people, love people, and be willing to serve.”


When Nicole first saw the doTERRA compensation plan, she understood its potential, and she knew she could reach Diamond. She is grateful for the financial freedom she has achieved and feels blessed to be able to financially care for her family and have the opportunity to pursue humanitarian work as well. However, Nicole’s journey isn’t about hitting rank; it’s about loving and serving others. She explains, “Everything comes down to sharing love for other people. There are really only two emotions: love and fear. All negative emotions, like anger, hurt, mistrust, or deception, all come down to fear. I like to focus on love and all of its aspects. Love for others gives me a desire to serve them.”

Among the people Nicole is dedicated to loving and serving the most are those on her team. She says, “My goal with my team is to be there to support them with whatever they need. Each one is unique, so I provide personalized support. The more I help my team and the more I give of myself, the more I benefit.” She has taught the importance of loving and serving others to her team as well. Nicole is passionate about helping her team members find their individual strengths and skills, which all help to strengthen her team overall. This is how the cycle of leadership continues.

doTERRA has also given Nicole a way to connect with more people and help them find the solutions they need. “I want to share the power of the oils. I want to see people healthy and whole. I want to see them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially well. The oils are great at supporting what needs to happen, but it’s more than that. I want to help people take a stand for what is right in their lives.”

For Nicole, one of the major benefits of being part of doTERRA is the wide network of people she is now linked to. She says, “I find it very important to connect with people and let them know we offer support. We have a huge team of over three million members who are all looking for the same thing—we all want to enhance our health in some way.” With the support of doTERRA and her family, Nicole is eager to see where her journey will take her in loving and serving others.



“Reaching Diamond doesn’t require anything that’s outside of what you usually do. Make a contact, share a sample, invite to a class, follow up, and enroll. Just do it over and over again.”


“If you leave an opportunity unspoken, someone else will come along and reap the benefits of your work. Do the basics consistently, and teach others to do the same.”


“Those who go past Diamond are the ones who have created a real team. That’s the difference. I teach my team that they don’t need me to reach their goals, but I need them to reach mine.”


“When I introduce someone to the oils, I like to point out how powerful they really are. It doesn’t take a lot—one drop is all you need. It’s important to teach about safe use of the oils and dilution.”

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