A Single Drop

Mie Kira


In her own words, “One drop of Lemon was the beginning of everything.” Mie Kira’s friends Izumi Yanagihara and Tomiko Nobori introduced her to doTERRA essential oils, telling her that they were wonderful products and giving her a cup of water with a drop of Lemon. Mie was immediately impressed and, with an existing relationship of trust with Mrs. Yanagihara and Mrs. Nobori, she decided to become a Wellness Advocate that same day.
Mie’s first experience with doTERRA products was powerful, and she enjoys giving others a similar experience. She says, “I hold doTERRA AromaTouch® events where people can experience essential oils, which leads them to love the products and enroll.” Mie also enjoys sharing the business aspect of doTERRA with others. “I used to share only about the products, but I often share about the business opportunities now. People can learn about the products with materials and videos, so I try to share the stories of my personal experience and philosophy. I tell people that this is the business anyone can do—because I was able to do it! I tell them that anyone can succeed if they consistently keep working on it.”
With this mindset, Mie has built a team that supports her and each other, just as she supports them. She is also grateful for the continual support of her family, friends, and upline leaders. Her family, specifically her mother, is part of Mie’s Why, and her success with doTERRA has helped her feel more empowered in caring for them. “I used to worry about my mom’s health challenges. Now I am able to feel peace knowing that I can take care of my mom with a natural home care program.” Caring for her mother was part of Mie’s motivation to hit Diamond.
Mie is also dedicated to empowering like her. She explains, “My life has completely changed. I’ve gained a lot of things that I wanted, such as financial freedom and thought freedom. There are so many things I’ve learned through this business, and it is just a joy to see other people be happier and successful. Now I want to help many women gain freedom and financial independence, as well as help them do what they have truly wanted to do. I want to be able to contribute to society through my business.”
“All of the people I have met are my treasure in life. I am grateful for what the oils have done for my life and what doTERRA has brought into my life. I am proud to have a business where I get to help others make their dreams come true, send happiness to others, and make others’ lives better.”

With a strong Why as her motivation to reach Diamond, Mie worked hard with her team to grow together. However, her greatest piece of advice is simple: believe. “I feel there are many important steps in achieving Diamond, but I also feel there is one step, which is to believe that you will succeed.” And now that she has reached Diamond, Mie is eager to continue sharing and growing. She says, “As I have become a Diamond, my life is filled with so much joy from serving others. I will keep moving forward with new goals by utilizing the gifts I have been given. I am looking forward to continually working with doTERRA.”



“My most successful event was when I combined a cooking with essential oils class with a doTERRA AromaTouch® Technique event. I try to use words and invitations that make people want to come to my events.”


“My follow-up method changes person to person, but I usually call and thank them on the night of when I first shared products with them. I find their needs by meeting them, calling them, or talking to them on the LINE app.”


“When I follow up with people, I remind them that I always care about them so they feel supported and cared for. I make sure we are emotionally connected and that they know I am always there for them.”


“Love the products and use them every day! Sincerely take care of people, and try to understand their perspective when you communicate with them.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com

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