A Passion for Giving Back

Melody Brandon

“I have confidence that I can hit my goals when I put in the hard work. Now it’s about giving back—empowering moms, helping others feel better, and giving support where I can.”

For Melody, it’s all about giving back now. She wants to empower mothers, she is dedicated to helping her team build, she looks forward to teaching her children about the power of hard work, and she is excited to give back to others. “It’s a blessing to be able to help people. Pouring my heart and soul into something and then being able to give back is what drives me.”


Keep It Customer Focused

“Help each person connect the dots between their health goals and how the oils can help. They need to see the real impact in their own life. Everyone is different; some people like watching videos, and others like one-on-one meetings. I find the support that each person needs.”

Keep It Convenient

“I have a lot of informational videos on Facebook that teach people about essential oils and about their accounts. This prevents me from losing my voice from doing so many video chats, and it also makes it convenient for people who want to learn more when it fits their schedule.”

Keep It Simple

“When sharing the products, don’t overwhelm people, especially if they don’t know anything about essential oils. At the beginning, I focus on the top 10 essential oils and help them understand how to use them so they know that the kit won’t just sit in a cupboard.”

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