The Perfect Fit

Lindsey Graham & Isaac Reichmuth


When Lindsey Graham was first introduced to doTERRA, she wanted to do her own research to learn more. With a career as a dental hygienist, Lindsey had a strong science background and had been passionate about holistic nutrition and health for years. doTERRA fit into her lifestyle perfectly, and when she saw amazing results from using the oils with her family, she knew she wanted to share the products with others. Lindsey says, “I believe this was something greater than me, be it the universe or God, pushing me in the right direction.”
Lindsey’s business grew quickly. Although she has now left her job as a dental hygienist in order to focus on doTERRA, she felt a push to incorporate the oils in caring for others from the beginning. “I would be at the dental office and wanted to give my patients oils. I was ready for something new, and doTERRA was a vehicle for me to be able to educate others on the importance of natural solutions and taking their power back when it comes to health and wellness.”
In addition to helping others improve their health in natural ways, Lindsey is also motivated by her family. She and her husband, Isaac Reichmuth, have a daughter, Adalyn. Lindsey explains, “I no longer wanted to be a slave to someone else’s schedule. I wanted to have time freedom so I could be that mom who could always be there for Adalyn, and at the same time, do something I love and that I feel passionate about.” She hopes that Adalyn sees her commitment to working hard and making sacrifices to reach her goals.
Throughout the journey, Isaac has been Lindsey’s number­one supporter. She says, “He was always on board and did anything he could to help. He knew how important this was to me and supported me in any way he could. After coming to convention with me last year, he has been 100 percent committed and is definitely my business partner. I do all of the teaching, classes, and support, and he does a lot of the mentoring, structuring, and placements.” Together, they feel their experience in doTERRA has made them an even stronger couple.

"Helping my family and my team is what keeps me going on the hard days. Family is everything to me. We never give up on each other."

Lindsey’s husband and daughter are not the only family members who inspire her to succeed. She explains, “My parents are not in the place they thought they would be at this age due to health issues and other factors, which is a great stress to both of them. Now that I have financial freedom with doTERRA, it gives me the opportunity to help them, whether it’s a bill, an expensive dental surgery, or new glasses.” Lindsey’s dedication to her family keeps her going when she faces challenges.

As she continues to build, Lindsey hopes to help others find freedom and health as she has. “I love seeing people take their healthcare into their own hands and make better decisions for their family. I also love seeing women break through limiting beliefs and fear, and create amazing confidence and freedom for themselves. It makes my heart feel so good.”



“I am always sharing, everywhere I go. It is not and never has been a struggle because I am a natural sharer. I know the gifts I have to offer others. It’s your passion, confidence, and energy that people are buying at first.”


“Always keep teaching, no matter what. Classes are number one—I’m always teaching classes. Be confident and have fun. While mentoring and supporting your team, you still need to be sharing and teaching if you want to reach your goals.”


“I’ve never ‘recruited’ anyone. People see what I am doing and see how my life is, and they want to join me. They want this lifestyle and freedom as well. I have zero hesitation about the business or what I am doing, and people feel that.”

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