No Plan B

Kevin & Laurell Asay

“Discover your passion and keep doing the things you are passionate about. If your goal is to reach Diamond, decide that there is no plan B.” –Laurell

Kevin and Laurell feel there is something bigger they have been called to do during their lifetime, and doTERRA is the way for them to achieve it. They say, “We plan to spend the next 30+ years making a bigger impact in the world than we have so far. We have a bigger vision now for what it means to share on a global level and to have an expanded influence. We know it’s there for us.”

In all that they do, Kevin and Laurell are both inspired and supported by their four adult children. “They’re our inspiration and our greatest cheerleaders. They’re the ones who call and celebrate with us whenever we have successes. We want to set an example of freedom. We want to show them that you can change your stars and break through ceilings.” Looking to the future, Kevin and Laurell are eager to continue building their legacy of freedom and to helping their team members achieve their own successes. “We love our family. We love doTERRA. We love that it helps us live our dream and our calling. It’s the perfect fit, and we’re in it for the long haul.”



“You can’t put your goals or ambitions on others. Be willing to take the time to work with them at whatever level they choose. Move forward yourself to inspire others to see their own potential and ability. Inspire and equip them to succeed.” –Laurell


“When I started my real estate career 25 years ago, my broker told me that my job wasn’t to sell real estate; my job was to help people make good decisions. That mindset carries perfectly into helping people understand the need to have essential oils in their home.” –Kevin


“I think it’s the quality of classes you’re holding that trumps the quantity. If you sample someone and they have a positive experience, they will more likely be ready to move forward than someone who has no knowledge or experience of the oils.” –Laurell

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