Congratulations on Reaching Presidential Diamond

Kenny & Rebecca Anderson


How have you learned to balance running your business and taking care of your family?

My family is most important to me. We are close and love spending time together. We have used the opportunity in doTERRA to travel the world as a family and to enjoy more time together. Our four children have visited every continent with us and have been able to experience other cultures and people. I try to incorporate my family in everything I do, which includes doTERRA.

What is most important to you in your business?

The most important part of my doTERRA business is people. I like to find out what the goals are for my leaders, and then help them to achieve those goals. I love my leaders—we are great friends, and we work together to make doTERRA a vehicle that can help us reach our aspirations.

What are the benefits of this rank? Why should someone want to reach it?

Reaching Presidential Diamond has given our family more opportunities and time to be together, to travel, and to serve. Presidential Diamond has also given me an opportunity to connect with great leaders and people all over the world. Most of my teams are international, so doTERRA has provided a forum where I can communicate and network with people from all over.

At this stage, what motivates you to continue building your business?

I am motivated to give others the same opportunities that doTERRA has afforded us. I want to continue to travel the world and identify great people and share with them an opportunity that can change their lives.

“Our goal now is to continue sharing this opportunity with leaders around the world. We want to continue to find great people and give them the chance to realize their goals and dreams through doTERRA.”

How has your success in doTERRA changed your life?

doTERRA has allowed us more time to do things we love to do—things that are important for us, like family. doTERRA has also created a forum where we could meet and come to know some of the greatest people in the world. These two benefits, time and people, have impacted our lives in a marvelous way.

What advice would you give someone just starting out with a doTERRA business?

Become familiar with the full opportunity that is doTERRA. Also, be persistent as you move forward with the opportunity. Recognize that it will take time, but as you persist, the fruition of your goals will be realized as you put in the effort.

What is unique about being part of doTERRA?

We are appreciative of the executives of doTERRA for building a company with a big heart. We feel grateful to be part of it. We also are so thankful for a wonderful upline who has supported our efforts all the way. The friendships built in this company have been priceless. Rebecca and I love working with our teams all around the world and seeing them achieve their personal goals through doTERRA.

Presidential Diamond Tips

doTERRA 360

“doTERRA represents a unique opportunity. I focus on helping leaders become familiar with the three main components that make up the full opportunity that is doTERRA. Each of these is essential to understanding the full potential of doTERRA.”

1. The Company

doTERRA is a debt-free, billion-dollar company with executives grounded in solid principles and a commitment to service.

2. The Product

The product has a superior retention rate.

3. The Business

Because the business leads with the product and the company is founded in solid core principles, it creates a very strong business opportunity.

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on

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