Seeds of Opportunity

Karen Welch

“Even when I’ve wished I had taught, invited, or shared better, I try to keep it all in perspective and to view ‘failures’ as learning experiences. And I try to laugh at myself!”

Karen is motivated by the power doTERRA gives her to change her life and others’ lives. She is driven by the goal of being “Free to Give”—seeing a need and being able to assist and help others. She also loves to hear the success stories of those whom she shares the products with. “When I see someone who has struggled with an issue and has finally found relief by supporting their health with essential oils, that’s what keeps me going when something doesn’t go as planned. When setbacks happen, I also like to ask myself, ‘How is this perfect for me right now?’ and then look for the seed of opportunity.”
Karen has a unique perspective on doTERRA; she has seen how effective the oils are not only by witnessing results in herself, her family, and others, but also through studies and professional experiences. She explains, “I am a director for a holistic recovery program, and I am also a student, studying genetics at a university. I bring the knowledge I have from these other trainings and studies into my business. I love using the oils to support our emotional wellbeing, and I love both learning and sharing the science of what the oils are doing at a biochemical level within our bodies.” Karen understands, however, that sharing the oils isn’t only about science—it’s about caring for others. With a background in real estate, Karen is devoted to listening to people’s needs and desires, and finding the solution that fits them individually.
For the future, Karen is committed to continually sharing doTERRA with others and helping her team grow. She says, “I have so many enriching relationships thanks to doTERRA. I love being able to meet people, share, and hear how the oils have impacted them. This is fun!”

“I’ve found that there were times when I thought I was being buried, but it turned out I had been planted. The only difference between being buried and planted is whether you reach up and grow.”


Keep It Simple

“Be certain to share just one oil at a time, and keep it to one they are most likely to have an impactful, immediate experience with, such as Deep Blue®, Lavender, doTERRA Breathe®, and DigestZen®. I always have oils on my person to keep handy for sampling.”

Face Your Fears

“I find the fastest way to build confidence is to do exactly what you’re afraid of doing. Many of our training events include time for a text blitz because that’s what is so scary to a lot of people—being vulnerable and reaching out. It’s so fun to see the confidence after people take 15 minutes to do something they were terrified of before.”

Find the Opportunities

“When difficulties arise, I have a little saying I remind myself of: ‘Nothing is happening to me. Everything is happening for me.’ It helps me see the opportunities that are available in my present situation and to be grateful for them, even if this isn’t how I had planned for something to go.”

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