A Beautiful Connection

Karen Miller

“Reaching Diamond takes focus, determination, commitment, and drive. You need to stay true to your path and learn to be resilient.”

In addition, Karen’s Why includes helping people live a healthier life that is more in tune with themselves and nature. She also wanted to travel with her business, which she has enjoyed as she is able to visit her family in the British Isles while building her team there. And now, Karen wants to help others create a life of freedom and fulfillment through their own doTERRA businesses.

Looking back on what doTERRA has brought to her life motivates Karen to continue moving forward. “Because of my success in doTERRA, I have many beautiful friends and connections, a life of considerable freedom and flexibility, and the knowledge that my time is spent on something that serves humanity. This is just the start!”



“Use your oils every day and really connect with them. When we are deeply connected with our product, sharing is authentic and natural. Find the way you most enjoy sharing oils, and do it. Have fun! Think about the many lives you can touch.”


“Get clear on your reasons for why you want to create a doTERRA business and how much time you can allocate. Don’t limit yourself, but be clear about where you are right now, and communicate this with your mentor so he or she can appropriately support you.”


“Keep it simple. Keep it enjoyable. Stay focused. Consistency, at whatever level, creates confidence and momentum. And keep using your oils! Allow yourself to be inspired and enthusiastic, and share from that space, which is contagious energy.”


“Get support from your upline or another mentor. Connect with your local doTERRA community, or go online. Go to as many workshops and trainings as you can. Invest in yourself! This business is all about having strong relationships with your team. Invest in those too.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com

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