Finding Her Pathway

Kara Hanks

“The oils have been such an important piece of healing hearts and being able to open them again to have experiences in this world. I want to touch other people’s lives and bring healing and wholeness to their hearts.”

With a full-time energy healing and nutrition practice, Kara has found it challenging at times to organize her time. While she has great time management and multitasking skills, she desired something better that would give her more balance. Her doTERRA business has given her the financial and time freedom to build both her business and her practice into what she has envisioned. “doTERRA came into my life at a time when I was seeking greater balance and I had a desire to have more quality time. Everyone has the same amount of time in life, and it’s how you use it that determines whether you leave a legacy; I was seeking greater consciousness and presence. Now I have quality time with my children, and I have goals to bring my family into the business. I also have more time to create the practice I want. It has always been a heart-centered business, and doTERRA has allowed me the freedom to make it into something that was beyond my imagination.”

Kara looks forward to the future of her amazing journey with doTERRA. “I simply want to continue sharing and discovering new ways the oils can find their ways into people’s lives. I believe that every family should have access to them and use them, and I want to be part of that.”



“This pathway of creating an income with doTERRA and becoming a leader is attainable for anybody. It’s possible for anyone who wants it, but it takes commitment and passion. It takes a willingness to grow and evolve as a person. Identify the next step, break it into smaller, more manageable pieces, and make a pathway that works for you.”


“When I first share the oils, I love offering the person an experience. I’m very generous with the oils and with my time because I feel the most important thing is for me to be present with them. Allow them the opportunity and time to experience the oil on every aspect of their body. It’s very powerful, and if they can be present with me, it can touch them in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way.”


“You have to work on different aspects of yourself in order to grow and create. I just kept saying, ‘Yes,’ to moving forward, expanding, and elevating. It has been a remarkable journey of personal development as well as building a business. I can help people bring more joy, harmony, and peace into their lives.”

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