The Oil Cheerleader

Julia Nicholson


Julia Nicholson and her husband had always leaned toward natural solutions, but it wasn’t until their son was born that Julia felt such a responsibility for another person’s health. She recalls, “I wasn’t going to let my lack of knowledge be the reason I couldn’t provide the health I felt he so badly deserved.” This led Julia to attend school as a holistic health coach. “When I finished the program, I realized I had so many things wrong.” Julia had cheered for the NFL for five years prior, and she felt that if she had known then what she had now learned, things would have been different. That’s when she decided to start sharing.

What drew Julia to doTERRA wasn’t the oils; she had developed a program and was looking for quality supplements. She says, “It was hard to find something that met my standards. I felt I needed to align with the mission of the company and approve of their other products. I believe we vote with our dollars; when we spend money on something, we are saying that we support what the company is doing in this world. If I was going to align my brand and recommend a product, I wanted to feel 100 percent aligned.”

Then Julia was recommended doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. It was also suggested that she look into essential oils. Julia enrolled with doTERRA, and a month later, found herself at convention.

Julia was fully on board with the doTERRA business opportunity from the start. “I can’t say that I knew exactly what I was signing up for, but I had a fantastic mentor, and I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. I knew I would be a fool not to pursue this opportunity, especially after using the supplements myself and noticing a huge difference.”

Julia is also a firm believer that she is a better mother and wife when she is able to pursue her passions in life and make a difference in the world. She explains, “I’m inspired when I’m surrounded by people who are also driven. This is why I went back to the NFL as a cheerleader before I found doTERRA. I craved being around women who wanted to better themselves and the world.” When she and her husband decided to expand their family, she knew her time cheering on the field would transition to something else. “I hung up my pom -poms, but I knew that I craved community. doTERRA offers the same experience of being surrounded by driven, passionate people. Plus, I never have to leave my team of incredible all -stars!”

“What motivates me to continue building is seeing others succeed. You get to a point where you long for your builders’ goals more than your own. To me, that’s a beautiful thing.”

In truth, Julia feels that her experience as a cheerleader helped train her for her doTERRA journey. Over her years with the NFL, continual self-improvement became ingrained in her. Now she believes, “Your success within doTERRA is a direct reflection of your personal growth. My team drives me to be a better person every day. What I love most is seeing the greatness in people and being their cheerleader along this journey of health and success.”



“Have a deep understanding of why you are building this business. Is it to empower others, to bring freedom to your life, or is it something more?”


“My husband has always been my greatest cheerleader. He may not step into the business like I do, but he is definitely a business partner because he allows me to show up so fully in my business. The thing I love most is that he trusts the long-term vision. I also want to be able to support him in pursuing his passions in life.”


“Before I joined doTERRA, someone shared a quote with me by Marianne Williamson called ‘Our Deepest Fear’ that forever changed me. It starts with, ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.’ For a long time, I didn’t like to bring up my accomplishments, but I realized that as I pursue my dreams, I give others permission to do the same.”

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