Believing doTERRA

John & Amber Adams

“It’s all about belief. People can feel your energy, and when you speak passionately about the opportunities doTERRA has, people are naturally drawn to you.” –John

With her caring nature, Amber gravitated toward sharing and teaching others about essential oils from the beginning. John, on the other hand, was more interested in the back office. In Amber’s words, “We split up the business to fit our strengths. My passion is to help people, while he’s more interested in placement and structure. Now John can help others duplicate how we’ve made the business work, and he also encourages other partners on our team to get involved.” They attribute much of their business success to using their strengths, as well as to the support they have received from their family, their upline, and their downline.

They both count their blessings every day for not only the financial freedom doTERRA has provided, but also the amazing people they’ve had come into their lives in their short time working in this business. They would love nothing better than to help their team members reach the same financial freedom they are now enjoying.

John and Amber know that like any venture, building a doTERRA business comes with challenges. When you hit a roadblock, Amber suggests, “Look at your beliefs. You need to believe in yourself, believe in the product, and believe in the opportunity. Share the business with as much passion as you share the oils.” With their beliefs in line, there is no goal John and Amber can’t reach. “We can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s our passion and purpose, and what a blessing to be able to do something you love every day, alongside your best friends!”


Create an Oil Community

“It isn’t about how many people you can enroll—it’s about sharing with others when they need you. We use a Facebook group that helps people understand how to incorporate oils in their everyday lives. This is a relationship business, so it’s about building long-term relationships and helping others live doTERRA.” –Amber

Focus on These Three Pillars

“We’ve seen our most successful builders excel in these three areas:

  1. Enroll consistently
  2. Have at least 55 percent of those you enroll be LRP participants
  3. Find builders If one of your pillars is weak, then you need to recognize it and look deeply at yourself to figure out why.

Then help others to duplicate this process.” –John

Structure Wisely

“Think long-term. You might need to give up something in the short-term in order to have things in the right place in the long-term, and it’s always a moving puzzle. Accept that you can’t always get things right, but try to collect as much information to make the best educated guess you can.” –John

Live doTERRA

“The oils are my first go-to. They are a tool in my ‘momma toolbox,’ and I want to empower moms to be able to reach for natural solutions to help their children. The oils are part of my everyday life and my children’s lives as well.” –Amber

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