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Jeff & Tamarah Bartmess


Growing her business has taken a lot of stretching for Tamarah. While attending convention in 2013, she felt she should go for Diamond Club. She qualified in December of that year, but Diamond Club didn’t turn out as she planned—she lost two of her Diamond legs during that time. She later gained three new legs and hit Diamond for the first time in December 2015.

Tamarah’s experience in Diamond Club stretched her, but it also changed the dynamic of support in her family. When she started her doTERRA business, Tamarah’s husband, Jeff, was skeptical of the network marketing opportunity. Then he hit a turning point. Tamarah explains, “His whole energy changed while I was doing Diamond Club. He said he noticed that I’m happy when I’m working on doTERRA, and it’s helping me grow and develop and learn, and he loves that I can experience that. He is now incredibly supportive.” Tamarah and Jeff now combine their strengths to build and grow together.

For Jeff and Tamarah, their Why will always come back to their family. They feel strongly about providing opportunities and experiences that help their children see themselves as part of a greater whole. Tamarah is also passionate about empowering women to be confident as business owners. Many of the women Tamarah works with are also moms, and Tamarah wants to share the message that women can be confident, influential business builders as well as good mothers. “I want to reach women who question their ability to influence their communities. I know 100 percent that I’m a better mom because of my business.”

doTERRA has touched Tamarah’s role as a mother in more than one way. Because of a health issue, Tamarah has experienced difficulties in carrying pregnancies to full term, and she is grateful for the health and wellness support she has found in doTERRA products.

Jeff and Tamarah are now committed to sharing these natural solutions with others. Tamarah says, “I can’t imagine stretching myself like I have for any other company. It’s an honor to be part of something bigger with doTERRA.”

“Start simple. Focus on the basics. Nurture relationships. doTERRA is as much about personal development as it is about business.”



“I’ve been training my team on having focused, one-on-one time to sit down with people. Be customer-centric and cater to the needs of the person you’re with—it’s just about the person right in front of you. Help them find a solution that is specific to their needs. Wherever they’re at in their own journey is where you need to meet them.”


“Help your team members see themselves as leaders before they hit Silver; they can see themselves as leaders at Elite or any rank. Being a leader starts before you hit a certain rank, so focus on helping them create leadership development opportunities. None of my qualifying teams are local, so they’ve had to be independent of me as they grow.”


“Remember that opportunities are limitless for you, and you only limit yourself. I overcame my insecurities because I believed that someone believed in me. This made me realize that there must be something in me that’s worth believing in. Personal development is vital, and it takes time, experience, and belief.”

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