A Family Commitment

Freddy & Mandy Kuhn 

“When we were introduced to doTERRA, I was working multiple jobs, had three young kids, and was pregnant with our fourth child. I was the last person you should’ve talked to about starting a business, but the oils broke through that. It’s been such a change in our lives.” —Mandy

Freddy and Mandy started with the goal to reach Silver. As they hit each rank, they wanted to reach higher, until their goal became Diamond. They decided to participate in Diamond Club, which stretched them in ways they didn’t know were possible. Freddy and Mandy attribute much of their success to having a wonderful upline to support them through the challenges. Freddy explains, “Spencer is our direct upline. He’s the most giving person we could’ve enrolled under—if I asked him for the shirt off of his back, he would give it to me. Boyd and Gina Truman have taught us so much. Their way of life is to serve and educate.” This inspired the Kuhns to focus on education, which affected their team as well. “When we first started, it was frustrating to see others rank faster than us. Now we’re completely happy with how we built to Diamond. There’s strength in taking the time to build properly. Education is number one for us.”
doTERRA has changed the way Freddy and Mandy live and care for their family. Mandy says, “We were a typical young, American family. We thought we were healthy. I’ve talked to so many people who think they don’t need the oils because they believe they are healthy. What they don’t realize is that we need oils for everything—whether it’s emotional stability or health issues.” Now, their four children, Tre, Brooklyn, Knox, and Piper, know how to use the oils and love talking about doTERRA with their friends and teachers at school.
As they look forward to their next goal of Blue Diamond, the Kuhns are excited to continue this journey together. Mandy says, “doTERRA has taught me so much about myself and my husband—how to be good team members, how to give of ourselves, how to serve and sacrifice. We love our team, and we love to have fun. It’s important to find joy in all of it.”


Be Committed

“If you’re going to take the business seriously, you need to commit— really commit. It’s almost like a marriage in that when you commit to it, you can’t walk away when things get tough. You have to deal with it, live with it, and learn from it. Commitment is everything, and you won’t progress without it.” —Mandy

Be Prepared to Sacrifice

“If you want something enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. We had to make a lot of sacrifices to get to Diamond, especially during Diamond Club. Mandy was traveling, and I became Mr. Mom. I was running a business, taking kids to and from school, and coaching two of our kids’ teams, but we did it. If you want it to happen, you’ll find a way.”—Freddy

Be Involved as a Family

“We sat down with our kids and told them that the doTERRA business is as much theirs as it is ours. We like to get them involved; we give them incentives when we hit a certain rank. We want to show them that we have to work and sacrifice to hit our goals. When we hit Diamond, they were genuinely excited. It’s a family success.” —Mandy


Be Ready to Push Yourself

“If you want to achieve Diamond, do Diamond Club. Be stubborn. Push yourself. No one hits Diamond without extending themselves beyond what they previously thought was manageable. It’s going to take more than what you thought. All of the ranks are hard, but Diamond requires really pushing yourself.” —Freddy

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com

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