Elisabeth Watts


For Elisabeth Watts, doTERRA came to her in the perfect way. She was introduced by her childhood best friend, who is like a sister to her. Now her friend is her upline, and Elisabeth wouldn’t have it any other way. This has been a theme of her doTERRA journey—finding and bringing together the people she loves most.
Elisabeth explains, “One of my very favorite things about my personal business is that it has brought together people I love from different times and places in my life. If you think about it, the only times in your life when you get to have all of your friends and family together in one place is at your wedding and your funeral. Well, I get to be surrounded by so many of the most important friendships in my life at convention and retreats multiple times a year! I consider that one of the largest blessings of this business. Now my closest friends and family all know and love one another.”
In addition to working with her best friend as her direct upline, Elisabeth has formed amazing friendships with others in her upline and sister lines. She also feels blessed to have the ongoing support of her husband, Bryan. Although he has his own full­time job and entrepreneurial aspirations, he is always there to support and encourage Elisabeth. Furthermore, Elisabeth has created lasting relationships with her downline. She says, “My builders are some of my dearest friends on the planet, and their success is my success!”
This idea of sharing success manifested itself in a very real way for Elisabeth. She explains, “It was my leaders who inspired me to work toward Diamond. I have four amazing women on my frontline who inspired one another to reach for Silver in the same month, and that made me Diamond! I’m so grateful for leaders who have developed this friendship; they all bring different gifts to the table and love seeing the others succeed.” Love has been a driving force behind Elisabeth’s journey from the beginning, and she is excited to share it with others.

“I have become more and more of who I was created to be, and I’m so grateful for doTERRA as a means to this end.”

When asked which personality trait defines her, Elisabeth has no hesitations in answering, “Love.” Her middle name is Loving, and from a young age, this has defined her. Elisabeth says, “I genuinely love humanity and am constantly striving to love my family and community well, and to teach them to do the same. I even have the word ‘beloved’ tattooed on my arm. It reminds me of who I am—one who is a beloved child of God and a member of a beloved community. It also reminds me to always choose to ‘be loved.’ So that is who I am—a beloved human who is an active member in a beloved community where I can serve and be served.”

It comes as no surprise that love has inspired Elisabeth’s Why over the past four years. While the specific components of her Why have evolved, the root has not helping others. As Elisabeth looks forward to her future with doTERRA, she is eager to continue helping others and sharing love


No Need to Sell

“We get to share about things that we actually believe in and that really do work. We don’t have to ‘sell’ people on something they don’t need. And doTERRA products appeal to everyone: men, women, all cultures, all races, all ages, etc.”

Compensation Plan Blessings

“My absolute favorite part of the compensation plan is the way that it rewards us for helping others, not for competing against them. The whole structure of the compensation plan is that we are blessed for helping others—what a phenomenal gift!”

A Unique Culture

“Another thing that sets doTERRA apart from other direct sales companies is the culture. We are a kind, generous, serviceoriented company, and I believe that speaks volumes in this industry. Our goal is to serve. Period.”

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