Completely Transformed

Diane Gjelaj

“I’ve worked with so many women who say, ‘I could never do that.’ Then I see them take the first steps and start to feel accomplished. They recognize it’s about helping others; it enables them to step up, to be bigger and more confident. That’s when I feel completely proud.”

With the transformation she has seen in herself, Diane is certain that others can also achieve success with doTERRA. She says, “My life has completely changed. I used to feel anxious every day and was terrified to talk in front of even a few people. I didn’t have any big dreams or goals. I was living paycheck to paycheck, and I only got to see my family in Scotland once a year. Last year I made a six-figure income, I traveled to Scotland three times, and I presented in front of 500 people at a doTERRA wellness summit. I feel confident and alive; it completely lights me up to see other women lit up. I want to inspire other women to break free to live the life of their dreams.” 



“Keep facing your fears; that’s where you grow. Use your oils to support you, and do something every day you’re afraid to do. Choose the hardest thing first because you tend to avoid that thing for a long time. The more you do it, the less afraid you become; eventually the fear disappears.”


“Treat doTERRA like a business. Show up to your business every day with business hours. Too many people say they are doing the business, but they treat it casually and try to fit it into their lives without any structure. That does not work. If you want your business to be successful, make it a priority.”


“Corinna Barrus, one of my upline Presidential Diamonds, told me at my first doTERRA event that the people who come to all of the large events are the ones who will be successful and reach Presidential Diamond. Events are where you get to see the bigger picture of how much impact doTERRA has in the world. I always leave events feeling inspired and motivated.”

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