Serving in a Higher Way

Lisa Pittet

“Part of my purpose in this world is to shine a light and to help give hope, and it is magical and transformative when this happens even in a small way.”

While Diamond Club spurred significant growth, it also came with challenges. For Lisa, the main challenges were cancelled classes and trying to stay organized with all that was happening in this busy season. However, Lisa says that the biggest difficulty was in her mindset as she worried about getting enough enrollments, doing enough for her team, and more. To overcome this, Lisa says, “I would try to just put my head down and keep going, keeping my eye on the end goal. My team and crossline supporters always knew just what to say.”
Lisa is also grateful for her family’s constant support. Her children were her greatest cheerleaders, and her husband helped her keep things in perspective by reminding her that all of her work was paving the foundation for the future. When she was discouraged or tired, Lisa focused on the feeling she gets after a successful class or consult, knowing that she has made a positive contribution or provided a solution to someone who was struggling.
Reflecting back on the experience as a whole, Lisa recommends Diamond Club with no reservations. “The learning and personal and team growth you will experience is something you can only achieve by going through it yourself.”

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