The Power to Touch Lives

David and Denette Russell


When Denette Russell heard that her friend, Kristin Mayo, was hosting a doTERRA class, she invited herself. She had been looking for a natural solution for her family, and while she knew almost nothing about the health benefits of essential oils, she bought a kit before she left the class that night. Her husband, David, was at first skeptical about the oils’ efficacy, so Denette knew she needed to do some research and use the oils. After David had an impressive experience using the oils for a temporary health issue during a business trip, however, he was on board as well, and together they committed to the business.
For David and Denette, doTERRA is a family affair. They knew they needed to involve their three children if they wanted to be successful. David says, “Part of being a leader is being able to set a vision of where you’re going. As a leader in a family, you set the vision for the entire family, and then everybody can find their place in it.” Their oldest daughter, who is in nursing school, is a builder and loves sharing with her friends at school. Their teenage daughter helps with projects and filling samples, and even their youngest child, seven­-year-­old Noah, enjoys making DIY videos for team trainings.
Of course, building their business hasn’t come without sacrifices. Denette recalls, “I had a lot of guilt in the beginning about missing normal family activities like bedtime, and we missed our son Noah’s first state wrestling tournament. We had a discussion with our family that there would be sacrifices, but that it would be worth it.” Now, their family is incredibly proud of the success David and Denette have achieved together.
When she first started with doTERRA, Denette’s goal was to create some extra income to help buy groceries. Thanks to their success, her Why has changed. She says, “At the start, everything I made was going toward groceries. Now my vision is to have extra money so we can help support causes. David is very passionate about assisting veterans and helping underprivileged kids in sports, and I love charities focused on women and children. I worked as a preschool teacher for years, and I never thought I would have the financial opportunity to donate money to help someone else. I can’t believe it’s a reality.”

“It’s a blessing to have our Why expand from just getting groceries to helping and giving to others.” —David

And their passion for giving back doesn’t end there. In addition to donating to charitable causes, David and Denette are devoted to changing lives through the product. David explains, “It’s so powerful when someone comes to us and tells us how the oils have changed their life, whether it’s emotionally or physically. The number of people doTERRA has blessed us to be able to touch is incredible. It’s very humbling, and it’s what drives our passion.”
Together, David and Denette are eager to continue touching lives with doTERRA. “It’s grown past just helping us. It’s catapulted into all the people out there who are waiting for us to change their whole lives.”

“We love our team. We’ve grown so much together, and we have built great friendships. We are very blessed for the people we have connected to us.” Denette



“Don’t wait until you know everything before you start sharing or teaching classes. Sometimes people think they need to wait until they know all of the uses for the oils or everything about the compensation plan. Start sharing what you do know! Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer to a question, but find the answer.”—Denette


“I’m from a military background, and one of the things that has taught me is to ask myself, ‘What do I have to lose?’ With doTERRA, you have nothing to lose. Just go after it. There’s nothing but positive things to gain, and you’ll never lose by just going after it. It doesn’t need to be scary.” —David


“Be authentic. Don’t compare yourself to others. In the beginning, I thought I needed to be a certain way to be successful in doTERRA, but I realized I don’t need to change myself. People are drawn to me for my personality and who I am. Stay grounded and rooted in that. Be yourself.” —Denette


“Don’t quit. Even if you fail, reassess what you’re doing, learn from your mistakes, and readjust. You can learn from it and continue to move forward. Just because you think one door has closed doesn’t mean you can’t kick open another door for that opportunity. Down the road, you’ll often realize that door closed for a reason.”—David

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