Strengthened Faith

Daryl & Rachel Carter

“It wasn’t our intention to have Daryl join me until we were ‘solid’ Diamond, but we have learned to trust God’s hand and timing through this journey.” —Rachel

Daryl’s employer was generous and allowed him three and a half months to find a new job while they continued to pay him. He spent time at the computer every day, applying for positions and interviewing for openings. Rachel says, “My Why had always been to get us into a financial position so that Daryl could come off the road and join me in doTERRA. Now, unless he found a job, I had until December 31 to make it happen.”

Prayer, mentorship, lots of follow-up, and working daily with her team helped Rachel hit Platinum in November. Daryl continued his job hunt, but the doors continued to close. Daryl and Rachel wondered what the Lord was up to, and on the last day of December, Daryl looked at Rachel and said, “Well, I’m out of a job.”

Rachel says, “I’ve always heard that God is never late and seldom early. In like fashion, on that same day, at 10:30 p.m. on December 31, we hit Diamond. It was an answer to our prayers, and strengthened our faith in our team and God’s provision.” Of course, they would still need to maintain that rank, so Daryl and Rachel talked and prayed through their options. On January 5, they made a radical decision to stop the resumes and interviews, and start building their business together. This wasn’t their original plan, but they felt led to trust God’s hand and timing. Together, they have maintained Diamond every month since.


Create a Light Bulb Moment

“As a model and commercial actress, I already understood the power of residual income. I’d shoot a commercial for two days and then get paid every time it aired, sometimes for years. When we help others understand the benefits of the compensation plan and residual income, that light bulb moment will illuminate their Why when things get tough.” —Rachel

Strengthen the Team

“Hosting team-wide events allows crossline mentorships to happen organically. Throughout the year, host trainings or day-trips together. They’ll learn from each other and it will prove to add strength to the overall team.” —Rachel

Support Each Other

“As Rachel’s husband, I have learned to effectively support her as she daily works the business. It looks different each day. I cook, clean, run errands, do laundry—whatever is needed, but it’s necessary for a season. And I do it happily. After all, she did retire me!” —Daryl

Let Builders Build Themselves

“Only build under those who are committed to building for themselves. We never start someone’s downline with our contacts. They have to have skin in the game. If you drag them in, you’ll drag them through.” —Daryl

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