The Bigger Why

Daphne Clark

“My big Why is to serve children in Zimbabwe. I have bigger goals—to reach Blue Diamond and Presidential Diamond—so that I can serve these kids. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.”


When she started out, Daphne was already busy with her work as a church pastor and as a mother of four, plus she owned a sewing studio. With Kimberley’s help, Daphne got off to a fast start and reached Silver in six weeks. While she has loved the journey, Daphne has had to make difficult sacrifices along the way. “I gave up my sewing school, which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” Daphne says. “I couldn’t do everything at the same time. I loved teaching and interacting with kids at my sewing studio, but I gave it up to pursue my bigger Why. My husband and I work with a mission in Zimbabwe that focuses on orphaned children, so I took my desire to love and teach kids to that work.”

Daphne’s Why is not the only global aspect of her doTERRA journey; her team is located all over. “I’ve built my frontline in different countries, and my leaders aren’t all local. I build globally, and my team here in Calgary is very small compared to other parts of Canada, Australia, and the United States. I’m very grateful for Zoom chats, and now I can fly to go visit my team members more often.”

With a team spread across the globe, Daphne has felt the stresses that can come with building a business. In the first few months particularly, she sacrificed time with her husband, Darren, but he has been incredibly supportive. As a church pastor, he has watched Daphne grow with doTERRA and has implemented some of the ways she has learned to be a better leader in his church work. She says, “The skills I’ve learned also empower me to better help people at church. This business has ignited a passion in my husband for doing his ministry work differently. It’s been a fun journey.” In addition to her husband, Daphne feels blessed to be supported by her children and a strong upline.

With a growing global team and an eye set on helping children both locally and abroad, Daphne is ready to continue moving forward. “The opportunity I have to help people and pour into children makes me the happiest person ever.”



“I love people, so I love meeting over a cup of coffee or tea for a wellness consult. However, because I have such a global team, that isn’t possible with everyone. If they’re in a different part of the world, I use Zoom to make sure I can followup with them.”


“When I started out, I had amazing mentoring from my friend, Kimberley, who is now a Blue Diamond. She helped with my structure and made sure my frontline is very clean. Find builders, place them, and build down. Follow the steps provided by your upline—it works.”


“You can’t do everything at the same time. I had to give up things I loved in order to give my doTERRA business the time it required to be successful, but it was ultimately to pursue my bigger Why of helping children in Africa. In this way, it’s a very fruitful journey."

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