Empowering Sustainable Change

Dan & Kira Fischer

“Have a strong and unshakeable Why. Our Why is so strong that quitting never once entered our minds. We knew this was our destiny and that we would never give up.”

Although Kira was the first in her family to become interested in doTERRA, her husband, Dan, soon joined her.
Kira remembers, “He wasn’t fully on board at first, but after having his own oil experiences, seeing the back office figures, and seeing the benefits for others, he changed his mind very quickly.” Now they work together to grow their business and share these blessings with others. Dan tracks the finances and back office, while Kira creates workshops, trains in the AromaTouch® Technique, and creates Facebook posts and fun incentives. Together, they mentor and train their team.
As they work together to build their business, Kira and Dan are always committed first to their family. “Our first Why is our family. The income we receive from doTERRA allows us to live our dream lifestyle—to travel and spend quality time together.” But they aren’t satisfied with only enjoying doTERRA themselves; they are passionate about sharing with others as well! “Our second Why is the oils. We receive stories almost daily about how the oils have changed people’s lives. Often the stories are told with tears of gratitude. Being in a place of service, we love sharing those oils daily that create a fulfilling state of mind in a world that craves empowering, positive, and sustainable change.”
doTERRA has changed almost everything about the Fischers’ day­-to-­day lives. They explain, “We now travel together full time as a family. Dan works in doTERRA full time and no longer has to go to his fly-­in, fly-­out job. We world­school our children while visiting our beautiful team in their areas to help them achieve their hearts’ desires. Life is exciting, fun, and so freeing. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have the oils not only change our health, but our entire lifestyle.”



“When I first got started, I surrounded myself with the oils and sought out information about the oils and the business wherever I could. Ask questions, attend functions, and get to know your upline and doTERRA ‘cousins.’ There are many opportunities to learn, collaborate, and grow.”


“I genuinely share my experiences with the business and never push someone into it. I make sure they have information about the amazing opportunity, but then I let them decide if it’s right for them. If not, I don’t dwell on it; I let it go and move toward the people who are working toward me. Building great relationships is of far greater importance.” 


“Try to remove the scarcity mentality, and instead think in abundance. Do things from a place of service for others first. Greedy, quick enrollments without ongoing support are temporary. Kindness, love, and support are permanent, sustainable, rewarding for all, and ultimately fulfilling in unimaginable ways.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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