A Powerful Gift

Chris & Lori Campbell


When Chris and Lori Campbell were first introduced to doTERRA essential oils, they thought they didn’t need them. After their second daughter experienced health issues that were only resolved through natural remedies, they were reintroduced to the oils and realized how much support the oils could provide for their family’s health. Once Lori started using doTERRA essential oils with her family and experienced impressive results, she couldn’t stop sharing, but she said she would never participate in the business.

After a few months, however, Chris noticed how much money was coming in from Lori’s sharing, and they made the decision to go all-in on the business opportunity. For Lori, sharing doTERRA is easy because she has witnessed great results from using the oils with her family. She says, “Since I was in high school, I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people. I kept searching for something to fill that need to help others. The root of why I help people hasn’t changed. This is why I spend hours working and why I sacrifice time away from my children. I want to form meaningful connections with people, and I want them to feel heard, cared for, and loved.”

For Lori, one of the most important aspects of sharing doTERRA is touch. She explains, “It’s an amazing opportunity to get to know people and form a connection by putting the oils on them. It’s more than what the oils can do—it’s the touch and love that can be portrayed by putting them on people.” Lori is a firm believer that the oils work so well because, like all things on Earth, both our bodies and the oils carry the voice and vibrancy of God. Our bodies recognize this, which gives the oils great power.

As Lori works to share the gift of essential oils, she feels blessed to be supported by her husband, their four daughters, and her mom, as well as her friends and leaders. Chris supports Lori by helping with the back office, planning, and business goals, as well as supporting her in caring for their daughters and handling things at home while Lori travels. He even taught classes during Diamond Club when Lori was unable to travel due to pregnancy.

“I’m the kind of person who can’t keep my mouth shut when I love something. The oils were helping my family in really significant ways, so I couldn’t stop sharing.” –Lori

When Lori started out with doTERRA, she never pictured herself reaching Diamond. She recalls, “It seemed like a daunting goal, and it didn’t seem feasible for me. Then my team started to grow, and so did I. I realized that the journey was worth it and that I was worth it. I realized that I could have the financial freedom that comes with Diamond and that I could help people along the way.”

Together, Chris and Lori are committed to continuing to help others through doTERRA, and they are excited to see where the journey takes them. Lori says, “Our life has changed so much through doTERRA that I can’t remotely imagine what life would be like without it. The things that have changed are endless: finances, our ability to travel, personal growth and development, everything. It’s truly amazing.”



“Imagine you’re the captain of a ship. You can’t just put the ship on autopilot because the ocean has waves, storms, and currents that can push you off course. You need to check your course and make sure you’re on track. Similarly, as you work on your business, there will be influences, opinions, and outside factors that will try to take you off course and distract you from being successful. Stay focused and stay the course.” –Lori


“In the running world, there’s a saying that, ‘When you reach a big hill, spit on the hill.’ It’s a mental picture of how you can conquer the hill— don’t look at the entire mountain as your first goal. Take it in small pieces, and look just enough ahead to keep moving. Reach the next attainable goal, and then when you get there, look to the next goal and the next, until you’re on top of the mountain.” –Chris


“Follow-up is key, and it’s important to be consistent. Make sure you do what you say you’ll do so people know they can count on you.” –Lori

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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