Sharing from the Heart

Brian & Jen Pinter


It didn’t take long for Jen Pinter to convert to doTERRA essential oils. Although her first introduction to the oils was met with a hint of skepticism, that quickly changed as she learned more and had her own experiences. At her first essential oils party, she says, “I remember smelling the oils and feeling like I had a whole new world of opportunity for my family’s wellness.” Later that night, she came home with a sample of Melaleuca and Lavender and applied it to the soles of her restless baby’s feet. Her baby slept through the night, an occurrence that did not happen often. Jen says, “I was immediately invested in learning more about doTERRA, and as soon as my oils arrived, I couldn’t wait to open them.”

In the following months, Jen became an active essential oil user and sharer, and she signed people up with wholesale accounts even though she knew little about the business. After much trial and error, Jen began to understand the value of wholesale accounts and structuring, and her team began to grow.

To help her team avoid the initial bumps that she experienced, Jen makes it her priority to educate her team on the business and lead by example with a heart of love, giving her team members a solid foundation. She says, “I just show them the way. I realize that I once was where they are, and that it’s my job to be able to inspire them to continue the journey.”

Once Jen’s team started to grow, and after attending a doTERRA convention, Brian, Jen’s husband, joined her in the business. Jen says, “Over time, he realized the impact I was able to have to help change others’ lives, and then he started living the lifestyle and becoming his own advocate.” Although Brian is still working another job, they have created a system that works well with their schedules and abilities. Brian says, “We both bring different things to the table. We are a great team for this business because we each have our own skills and strengths.” For Brian, those strengths include handling the technical side of the business to ensure it flows smoothly.

While Jen and Brian have touched many people’s lives already, they are not stopping there. Jen says, “I have a message to share, and people are praying for that message. People are suffering all over the world and need hope.” Jen and Brian will continue to visit parts of the world where they feel called to spread their message. Their hope for the future is to touch the lives of those who are suffering, especially men and women in public safety, in order to spread the message of hope, health, and wellness across the globe.

“doTERRA is a relationship-based business. You have to love people where they are in their life, gain their trust, and build a relationship with them so that they understand you care about helping them improve their health and natural lifestyle.”

Jen and Brian look back now and can see just how far they have come temporally and individually since starting their journey. Jen says, “I have complete time freedom, and we are now on the way to financial freedom. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without doTERRA. doTERRA helped me realize who I am and has helped me find my soul’s purpose on this planet. There’s nowhere else I would rather be.”



“When we decided we liked a certain system the best, we embraced it. We made sure our team was aware and had the same materials, and we began teaching the system in full-day sessions. Almost overnight our business exploded, and those who have embraced the system have had the most success.”— Brian 


“I love to give one-on-one attention to a new enrollee so I can help walk them through how to use their oils. We create custom blends together, create specialized sprays, and talk about their immediate and future needs with doTERRA products and education. I provide them with a power-packed document full of uses and recipes for the oils they already own, and some inspiration on other oils they can add to their collection. They all love our custom gift bag that includes samples of all the consumable products doTERRA offers. This has been the foundation to help our customers explore other products and further see the benefit of their doTERRA membership.”— Jen


“Go for Power of 3 until they get to $250 a month, and then go for rank. The $1500 bonus is worth building for. If you have a follow-up system and you’re providing the business opportunity, the $250 bonus can be achieved very quickly.”—Jen

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