Driven by Faith

Brian & Beth Skaug

“There’s always an excuse if you allow one. Life can be challenging, but if we’re lucky and looking for it, we can see the beauty of each situation. We should embrace the opportunities we’ve been given, regardless of our current circumstances.”

With the demands of building a business, Beth has found it essential to prioritize her family, but she knows that every goal comes with sacrifices. She says, “My faith and family will always come first; however, I will admit that my family took a backburner during different seasons of my business. The many sacrifices have been worth it, so I keep pushing forward.” In addition to using doTERRA to support her family’s physical and emotional wellbeing, Beth is eager to share with others. She explains, “I want to educate and empower others with a hope that they didn’t have prior to doTERRA. I want to help set people free from physical and emotional bondage.”

Seeing people’s lives change thanks to doTERRA is one of the most rewarding things Beth has ever experienced. She explains, “I would recommend doTERRA to anyone who has a heart for helping others because it’s an opportunity to help others financially, physically, and emotionally. Coming from the medical field, I wanted to help people, but it was usually by the means of putting a bandage on the situation to buy time. This is completely different. We get to educate others by empowering them to be their own advocate and to learn how to research their own wellness needs.” This drives Beth to continue sharing.

The product changes lives, and so does the business. Beth looks forward to seeing her leaders progress; in fact, she says, “I want to see each of my leaders reach Diamond more than I want to be Presidential Diamond.” She feels blessed to work with a team that is driven by faith. Beth attributes the majority of her success to God. “He has been my solid rock and foundation through the ups and downs of my business, as well as through my health battles and my son’s. I truly believe that I was able to hit Diamond by learning who I was in Christ, which empowered me in a way that I can’t describe.” With her faith firmly in place, Beth is eager to see where her journey with doTERRA takes her next.



“Create momentum by sharing from your heart. When that momentum gets moving, then run with it and don’t stop, even when you hit your goal. Don’t take a vacation from your business; it will take three times the energy to get moving again. Get your momentum going so that nothing stops it.”


“Prioritize your time. Use a block scheduling format and start by blocking out personal time, then family time, and then business time. Stick to your schedule, but be flexible with business time and don’t allow it to overflow into personal time. Start and end each day with personal time—renewing your mind, soul, and body.”


“Run with those in your downline who are interested in the business, even if they aren’t your personal enrollee. Give your customers the best support available to encourage them to be empowered. Make sure your builders have skills, and if they don’t have them naturally, empower them to see their own potential.”


“Embrace who you are and don’t try to be anyone else. Teach your builders that each of us is uniquely gifted. You make a lousy someone else, but you make an amazing you! God created diversity among our plants just as He did within all of us. If you’re busy envying someone else’s gifts, then you won’t see your own.”

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