Trading Doubt for Hope

Brent & Jenny Walsh

“What other job could I have that would only require 15–20 hours a week, yet more than double my nurse’s income? I’m not aware of any! This is just the beginning for us. Not to mention the satisfaction that comes from helping people improve their health and quality of life!”

Thanks to their success with doTERRA, Brent and Jenny are now living a life they had only imagined. Jenny was able to quit her job as a nurse to be home with her children and run the doTERRA business full time. One day, she hopes to be able to retire Brent from his full-time job as well. Jenny says, “Our savings are larger than they’ve ever been. We were able to pick up and move to where we wanted. We now live in a home and have land where I am excited to raise our kids and to let them grow up exploring and playing each day. We are on track for total financial freedom.”

With the financial blessings that have come during their journey with doTERRA, Brent and Jenny are committed to giving back as well. A major part of their Why is their family, but Jenny explains that it reaches beyond that: “The more successful we’ve been, the more I want to not only provide for my family, but also to help others be able to do the same and to give generously without hesitation. I want to be able to be generous to whomever or whatever comes our way and needs help.”

Brent and Jenny look forward to continuing to build and give. “We truly feel that doTERRA was God’s provision for prayers we prayed for many years. Now we pray that God leads us to those areas where we can help.”



“Because we saw how the business could provide early on, we’ve been fairly comfortable sharing the business side of doTERRA. As I’ve grown over the last three years, I’ve become even more confident that this is a legitimate business opportunity. Your confidence in the business opportunity will attract others!”


“I strive to be natural and sincere with each person I come into contact with. When I focus on their needs and desires, it gets me further than any sales approach could! Follow-up is also key. Many people need multiple encounters.”


“I strongly push events like local trainings, bigger team trainings, convention, and leadership retreat because they have helped me see the big picture and have made me realize I don’t want to miss out on such a great opportunity in life. These events can really flip the switch for people.”


“Stay focused on the big picture. You will get discouraged, have no-shows, have builders quit, etc. However, the long-term financial stability that this business can bring is worth every bit of it. Be consistent. Treat it as a job, not a hobby.”

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