Sharing the Possibilities

Brenda Altamirano & Oscar Cordero 

“Our greatest motivation is the satisfaction that comes from sharing wellbeing.”

Because Brenda and Oscar have seen the benefits of doTERRA in their own family, they are passionate about sharing with others. When asked about their Why, they say, “What really motivates us is the opportunity to have an excellent quality of life for us and our children. We desire physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as the financial freedom that will allow us to realize all that we want to do. Above all, we want to share all of these things with the world.”

Brenda and Oscar are grateful for what doTERRA has brought to their lives, and they have great hopes for the future. “Our lives have totally changed since we began sharing doTERRA. It is new every day because each moment is an opportunity to become better, to have more, and to contribute more. We always want to know what else can be done!”



“Use the oils for every occasion and for everything. Experiment every day—the possibilities are endless. All that you learn from these experiments will be something you can pass along to those you share with. Sharing should be very natural, without fear, without limiting yourself.”


“When someone receives a kit, we hold an ‘Open Box’ event. We give them a brief introduction to the oils, including application uses and cautions; we show them how to navigate the virtual office; and we talk about the compensation plan and the other official doTERRA pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).”


“I recommend the doTERRA business opportunity because of everything it represents: the great quality of the products, the strength of the company, the company values, the ethics and respect for the environment, and the opportunity to bring wellness to those around me.”

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