He Shines through Me

B.J. & Kari Coody

“Make no excuses. Don’t wait on your team to go out there and do it for you. You have to decide that you are 100 percent committed and make it happen no matter what.”

Kari has also enjoyed getting back to the roots of pharmacy, without having to compromise what matters most to her. She says, “Plants are nature’s health remedy and are all people had thousands of years ago. I love that I can serve people in this awesome way, using the remedy God provided.”

Along the way, Kari has been supported by an incredible network of family members, including her parents and in-laws, her sister, and especially her husband, B.J. In the beginning, B.J. was supportive of Kari’s passion and later saw the vision of where the business would go. He has also taken a behind-the-scenes role in the business, working with finances, the back office, planning, and networking. Kari’s sister has also played a huge role in her journey, and she loves that they can work together while living their passion.

Kari’s experience with her doTERRA business is in complete contrast with her life in the pharmacy world. She says, “I went from a stressed-out pharmacist to living a life I could have only dreamt about. I get to be with my kids more and make my house more of a home. We have paid off almost all of our debt, including a large amount of student loans with the help of B.J.’s planning and my income from doTERRA. I had forgotten how to dream, and doTERRA gave that back to me. I’m forever grateful God saw more in me and brought me out of comfort and monotony into such an incredible life.”



“Don’t think you have to know everything before you get started. I knew nothing about oils before I got my first kit, and I just spoke from experience—which is what people want to know, and it’s why they buy.”


“Almost everyone I have ever met in doTERRA really does want to help. Whether it benefits them or not, they just want to see others succeed and be of service where they can.”


“It helps tremendously to be around like-minded people. You get ideas from them, and they push you to move faster and get out of your comfort zone. You can also share ideas, which is great.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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