True Freedom

Susie Larson

“I want to give a giant thank you to the founders. What they have created and what we are all a part of goes so far beyond the oils. It is about changing the world, serving others, and setting people free. And freedom—true freedom—is a fabulous gift.”

Susie’s main motivation now revolves around the freedom of others, especially those in perilous or trying conditions. Susie says. “When women and children are enslaved all over the world, I want to help them regain their freedom through organizations like Operation Underground Railroad. I want to help people become free from lives of abuse. I want to help women have the help and finances they need in order to choose life for their unborn. I want to help families have the financial freedom to give their children the education they deserve. It’s all about freedom, true freedom— freedom to choose the life we live.”

While Susie is helping others obtain their own versions of true freedom, she has been blessed to free up her own life and make room for her dreams. Along with her ambition of bringing health and happiness to her family and friends through natural solutions, Susie says, “I’ve always dreamt of travelling the world. Now, I’m doing it so much, I can’t keep all the trips straight. This was my dream. This is now reality. What an amazing life we have now because of doTERRA.”



“We offer life-changing, natural solutions that equip and empower families to care for themselves. Build your belief in the product by using it, so when you share, you have full confidence you will be able to help.”


“Build your belief in the company. Go to convention and learn about our CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® standard and why it sets us apart.”


“When faced with others’ doubts or opposition, know that you are in the right company with the number one, highest quality product, being paid through the very best compensation plan. You are in the right place; believe this, and stick with it.”


“An upline leader believed in me, and I chose to believe in her. So I took that and did the exact same thing with my team members. I told them they could do it, and I offered help, support, some inventory, and a strategy. I just spread that belief. I believed in my team, and they believed me. It’s amazing what your belief can do.”

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