Drops of Hope

Shawn & Amanda Roberts


When Katie Glasgow, a Wellness Advocate and client, asked Amanda Roberts to use doTERRA essential oils during a massage therapy session, Amanda was happy to use them to help her customer. But when her tip for the session was a tube of Deep Blue®, Amanda had no idea what to do with it. She says, “I thought it smelled nice, but I had no interest in learning about the oils at all. I didn’t think I needed them.”

Eventually, Amanda began to use the Deep Blue on her other clients and they started asking where they could purchase some. After this positive response, Amanda went to Katie for information, to which Katie made her attend an essential oils class. Soon after, Amanda began using essential oils on herself and her family, and she saw amazing results

Amanda became a regular product user and shared them with others, but was resistant to the business until she hit Silver. Around this time, Amanda’s upline, Katie, encouraged her to apply for Diamond Club and offered to pay for Amanda to attend Leadership retreat. These two experiences were the motivating factors behind Amanda’s commitment to the business. Amanda says, “It was crazy and fun and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Leadership retreat inspired me, and that was when I decided to give doTERRA more effort.”

One of the most significant pieces that Amanda took home from Leadership came from David Stirling when he mentioned that doTERRA was a relationship company wrapped up in an essential oils business. This struck a chord with Amanda and she was quick to apply this concept in her team. She says, “I started a team page called ‘A Drop of Hope.’ I wanted to let people know that that’s what I feel we are using and sharing: tiny drops of hope—hope for natural health, hope for a sense of community, and hope for financial freedom.” This people-centered mindset has attracted a team that is supportive and focused on genuinely helping others.

“There is nothing like doTERRA— the retention, the product, the compensation plan, and the joy from serving people.”

Amanda’s passion for the oils has ignited the fire of natural wellness in many individuals, including her husband, Shawn, who now works with her. Though Shawn is still working another job, he is the physical strength and emotional support that fuels the business. They are now working toward Blue Diamond so that Shawn can leave his job and they can have the freedom to live their dreams and help others do the same.

Just as Amanda and Shawn believe the oils provide hope for others, they believe the oils have provided hope for them as well. Amanda says, “I have changed so much as a person. I went from working 12 hours per day, having no hope of retiring or becoming debt free, and having minimal joy from not living the way I wanted to, to being able to give as much as I can, live with tons of gratitude, and discover a better me. I can only hope to help others achieve this as well.”



“I help each person see that they don’t have to go through years of school to use essential oils, and that doTERRA has many convenient ways to change habits and create a healthier lifestyle.”


“I believe that if I have sent or given a sample, I have the right to follow-up to see how it worked. I ask more questions, give advice, and always show up with a ‘serve them’ mindset.”


“I keep a list of people I have talked to about oils or sent samples to so that I know what the next step is for them. I like to have them attend a class or webinar to learn more, so the follow-up allows me to invite them to different events I have going on.”


“When people enroll, I don’t stop there. I make sure to follow up and make sure they know the details of the account they have by doing a membership overview. I love this tool because it serves the purpose of simplifying the details of the membership account while introducing them to a wide range of consumable products that will help them shift where they are spending money rather than adding an expense to their budget.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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