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Osvaldho Hosornio


Osvaldho Hosornio wasn’t particularly excited when his colleague told him about an opportunity to sell doTERRA essential oils. In fact, after looking at the website for doTERRA, he thought that the oils were beautiful products, but he didn’t see the practicality in them and was not interested. This feeling toward essential oils continued for another year, until he made a few new changes that opened his eyes to the importance of essential oils.

Osvaldho had been working as an insurance broker for nine years when he decided to leave that way of living and move to Sierra Sur, Mexico. In this new location he was able to learn things he wasn’t fully aware of before. He says, “I had a better connection with Mother Earth. This helped me know my own body and become more in touch with the environment—thus becoming more in tune with ‘gifts from the earth,’ such as doTERRA.”

He and his wife, Carolina, worked hard to be organic in all aspects of their lives, helping them become self-reliant and centered on a natural lifestyle. They grew some of their own food, built their home with their own hands and with the help of their friends, birthed their children naturally at home, and created a culture for their family that was free from outside influences. But when it came to managing their health, they felt they had little independence. So after a year of avoiding doTERRA essential oils, Osvaldho decided to finally look into and try the products.

The oils turned out to be exactly what Osvaldho and his family were missing, and he quickly signed up as a Wellness Advocate. Osvaldho says, “Becoming a Wellness Advocate provided the means for us to finally reach that independence in an area of our lives that is now a high priority for us— the wellbeing of our physical bodies and emotional health achieved via natural products.”

“The products are easy to share because they create emotions and bring well-being.”

 His enthusiasm for the products continued to grow, and soon, he began to share the oils with others through the business opportunity. To his amazement, he saw the business flourish to the point where doTERRA became his new career. He says, “Sharing doTERRA is nothing but a pure blessing to me since we feel, smell, and use the product in many ways while impacting lives in different ways. It is my passion to invite others to try doTERRA.”

Adding doTERRA to Osvaldho’s lifestyle has brought many blessings to his life and to his family. He says, “I try to work from home as much as I can. I interact with my children while they play and run outside, and the fact that I can be close by when Carolina reads a book to our children at night before bedtime makes me appreciate the time I have invested in this business and see how it has paid off.”

Osvaldho is motivated to keep sharing the oils because he has experienced these rich blessings in his family, and he and Carolina know that by continuing to share, they and Osvaldho’s team are empowering thousands of people and bettering the world. Osvaldho says, “It motivates me to know that there are alternatives, and that we can change the world in many ways in only a lifetime. I become emotional knowing that I am an active part in that transition—leading a movement full of great people who have control over their own destiny.”


Encourage others to attend events.

“I always try to convey to people the importance of attending Leadership, convention, and other doTERRA-organized events. Sharing in those moments has been a very positive experience for everyone because it makes everyone shine in his or her own way.”

Embrace the self-development.

“Events have given me the opportunity to be close to the people, to develop my social skills, and to inspire those who are my partners today. Each event is different, and I love the flexibility with which they are adapted to individuals.”

Provide new knowledge.

“Offering classes that teach how to make oil blends have been very successful, and it creates a great opportunity for each member to invite someone new to attend.”

Make the connection.

“Join your story with the company’s story. Show the oils, talk about your experience using them, and explain why they are so pure. Tell everyone how you doing this helps others and how doTERRA helps fulfill your dreams.”

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