doTERRA Leadership Retreat 2017 Updates

Important Events

doTERRA You Convention 2017

For more information on the doTERRA You Convention 2017, visit

Incentive Trip 2018

The 2018 Incentives trip will be in the Dominican Republic at the Paradisus Palm Real Resort.

  • Incentive trip dates: February 5–9, 2018
  • Qualification period: March 1–August 31, 2017

Leadership Retreat 2018

  • Orlando dates: March 13–15, 2018
  • Long Beach dates: March 26–28, 2018

Regional Summits 2017

Regional Summits are back! Get a more in-depth look into doTERRA products through these day-and-a-half seminars. Summits will be held in the United States and Canada. 

New to doTERRA

Empowerment Pool

The Empowerment Pool is a compensation plan enhancement that provides an additional bonus to actively building Premier- and Silver-ranked leaders. Find out more at

Healthcare Professional Sign-Up

We are seeking to partner with medicine. We currently have 120 active medical relationships. So far, there are 20 doTERRA papers submitted for peer-reviewed publications, with five of those papers already published. Wellness Advocates can help by continuing to share doTERRA, emulating our common mission and purpose, and letting doTERRA do the difficult work.

If you want to learn more or contact Dr. Hill about healthcare professionals, please email or visit

Earnings Disclosure Statement

doTERRA 2016 Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary is now available.

Business Advancement Team

The Business Advancement Team is a new team in Member Services. The purpose of this team is to help downlines push to get to Premier and to get the Empowerment Bonus. All Wellness Advocates interested in becoming leaders, and anyone interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate, will have access to this team. If you would like to contact the Business Advancement Team, call 801-370-2140.

Technology Update

The IT department has embarked on a multi-year journey to replace all major systems. In 2015 they started to lay the foundation; in 2016 we began to see some of the structure take place; and in 2017 we will start to see the building.

Key elements that will be released in 2017:

Product Updates

New Enrollment Kits

This spring we’re launching beautiful new packaging for the Diamond and Every Oil Enrollment Kits. All enrollment kits will soon receive a makeover.

Emergency Relief Hygiene Kit

This spring Wellness Advocates can purchase Disaster Relief Hygiene Kits. The kits include doTERRA Soap, doTERRA Shampoo and Conditioner, toothbrush, doTERRA On Guard® Toothpaste, adhesive bandages, 10 mL Melaleuca Touch, and Deep Blue® Rub.

Product Enhancements

  • doTERRA Serenity® Bath Bar Update
  • Liter-size doTERRA Salon Essentials® Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Vegan Microplex VMz®
  • Vegan doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®

Fun Fact

From February 2016–January 2017, $4,076,662.35 has been donated to the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation!

What Was Your Favorite Part About Leadership Retreat?

“I think one of the fun takeaways that I have been thinking about as we’ve gone to Florida and California is allowing your team to dream as big as you dream so that their dreams can become as large as they want and not limited to what they think they can do. That allows them to dream beyond what you are actually doing.” — Matt Janssen, Presidential Diamond 

“My favorite part has been the breakout session with Ashlee Miller. She talked about how to get through massive breakdowns when you struggle with your team. She reminded me that when our team leaders are having struggles, that usually means that they are coming up against some disempowering beliefs, and that’s when we really have to focus on loving our team.” — Ginny Eiseman, Gold

“What I love about Leadership Retreat is reconnecting with the heart of the company and networking with other people, whether they are on my team or off my team. I’m also so thankful that doTERRA decided to do breakouts because I think that it is really wise to have someone speak directly to you at your rank. Hearing leaders who are at high ranks be authentic and share where they have struggled is incredibly encouraging.” — Kristi Zastrow, Diamond

“I think the biggest takeaway for me is to really discover yourself so that you can understand what it is to be you. If you can embrace who you are, that’s what is going to attract people. That is what is going to make you the leader that you need to be and want to be.” — Michael Gayle, Silver

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