Leader Q&A

Joan Coon, Diamond

You asked, she answered. We took your most pressing questions about the business and asked one of our top doTERRA leaders for her advice from her years of experience. 

When things come up like school, holidays, summer, etc., how do you keep your team moving forward?

I keep the momentum going by constant communication with my teams. I have a doTERRA Facebook business page and a product page that I post on daily to keep everyone informed. I have Zoom chat trainings and an ongoing weekly Natural Lifestyle class where leaders teach and bring people to all year round.

How do I avoid being pushy when sharing the oils?

I consider my doTERRA sharing a gift. I make up small organza bags with A to Z guides, my business card, and samples inside. I keep them with me to pass out to people, and then follow up with them with a specific health issue that they are having. Everyone loves a gift and a new friend.

It’s tough to motivate people to join your team when you have to be realistic in telling them that it will take a while to move up and start earning enough to quit a job or cut back on hours. Any advice?

I believe that each person is unique in their situation and talents; some take their time, while others take off like superstars. Personal development and business training take time, as does making money in doTERRA. My advice to everyone is to do the work, be patient, and be grateful. I cheer people on with every success and recognize them with incentives and gifts.

Placements seem to get more difficult the higher you are. Do you have any tips on strategizing or making placements easier?

Placements are easy when you know your people and know your back office. I schedule a strategy session with builders, and we go carefully through their organization to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. We have crucial conversations about where to enroll and place people, keeping in mind who might need support and training and who will give support and do the work.

How do you find balance in life?

I find myself totally loving my doTERRA work and neglecting a few other things. I give more AromaTouch® techniques than I have time, and I don’t always stop to eat right or go to bed on time. My family time brings me balance and joy, and soaking in a nice doTERRA Serenity® bath and spending time in the sunshine are my favorite. Oils bring me back to balance every day, along with my faith, my loving relationships, my awesome husband who spoils me, and my kids and grandkids.

What is your most effective way to follow-up?

I follow up with more gifts and information. I give a doTERRA Living magazine to everyone. I invite people to my weekly Natural Lifestyle class (held every Tuesday) live and on Periscope. I work on getting to know them better, and I also send doTERRA YouTube videos that meet their needs.

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