Providing Prosperity

Drs. Jordan & Tracey Smith


Tracey Smith was working at her chiropractic clinic when one of her practice members approached her with samples of doTERRA essential oils and asked her if she wanted to hold a class for the moms’ group Tracey held monthly. Tracey had used some essential oils before and thought they smelled good, but found it hard to believe they had any real health benefits. But despite her mediocre encounter with essential oils, Tracey agreed to host the class.

At the class, she was introduced to the wide spectrum of doTERRA es sential oils and their health benefits, and she began to try doTERRA products. Tracey says, “I decided to become a Wellness Advocate after I had an undeniable experience with the oils. I knew that I had to share these awesome gifts with others and continue to use them on my family. Though other essential oils had never really had an effect on our health in the past, doTERRA clearly did.”

Initially, Tracey just wanted to use the product and was adamant about not doing the business, but that desire quickly changed when she taught her first class and saw how she could help her friends, family, and so many more through doTERRA. Because of Tracey’s experience with natural and alternative health and business management, she had the right tools and skills to build a doTERRA business that was successful and true to her and her lifestyle.

Tracey’s husband, Jordan, was quick to support Tracey in her endeavor and soon became her partner in the doTERRA business. Together, they balance each other out and fill in for each other to support their children and the business when needed. Tracey says, “Jordan and I do a really great job at reading each other and intuitively knowing what the other needs. That is where we come in and provide support for the other.” Their teamwork and dedication has helped them establish a strong business that allows them to actively be there for their three children. 

“Getting to Diamond isn’t easy, but it is absolutely fulfilling and completely worth it.”

Jordan and Tracey also share a vision of empowering their family to optimum health and inspiring others to independent wealth. Tracey says, “Jordan and I are huge believers in financial freedom. For me, my motivation comes from wanting to help others and help my team members gain financial freedom and empowerment from the feelings of success that this company brings.” Jordan and Tracey’s desire to help others financially has truly come to fruition as they have introduced others to the business and have led by example.

Since their doTERRA beginnings, Jordan and Tracey have strengthened countless lives physically and financially and have given many the opportunity to live their lives in the way that they want to. Because of their constant desire to serve others, Jordan and Tracey, in turn, have been able to enjoy more financial freedom and see great personal growth.



“My suggestion to anyone starting off their business would be for them to realize that all of the hard work they put in in the beginning will pay off. The amount of work you are willing to put in is directly proportional to the outcome you will see.”


“We have a product that people want and need. Don’t overthink it. If people don’t want what you’re offering, move on to the next person who may be dying for it.”


“I think the honest answer to achieve Diamond is very hard, very persistent work.”

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