I Am Empowered

Jared & Jennifer Inchiostro


While studying herbs and practices of wellness for over seven years, Jennifer Inchiostro had heard doTERRA mentioned here and there, but she never tried the oils herself. When her best friend, Sara Janssen, purchased a doTERRA kit, Sara was in love with the oils and couldn’t help but share her enthusiasm with Jennifer. This excitement encouraged Jennifer to finally purchase a kit of her own.

Jennifer immediately fell in love with the oils. She says, “They were totally different than any other essential oils I had tried before, and I had tried a lot of brands. I opened the bottle of Frankincense and my allegiance was solidified. The difference was obvious.” Jennifer’s passion for the oils continued to grow as she discovered their many uses; however, she wanted to make one thing known— she would never do the business.

Time and time again, Sara would ask her if she wanted to do the business, and Jennifer’s answer was always no. It wasn’t until Jennifer and her husband, Jared, experienced serious financial roadblocks that Jennifer’s heart started to soften toward the business. During a yearlong road trip, Jennifer and Jared ran into some RV issues that left them stranded and homeless for a time. They eventually found a house but had to live without furniture and a fridge for months. Jared struggled to find a job after that, hearing over and over that he was overqualified, and they ended up selling their wedding rings for scrap metal. Eventually, Jared found a job, but by that time, their difficult circumstances had already left Jennifer with a feeling of fear that she could not get rid of. 

“The essential oils do their own magic, but the business saved my life.”

That summer, Sara reached out to Jennifer again, telling her that she felt inspired to share the business opportunity with her, and after a week of thinking it over, Jennifer called Sara and said, “I don’t think I can actually do this very well, but I will do my best.”

Jennifer’s business wasn’t perfect, and she struggled daily with the confidence to succeed, but Sara became her support and mentor during this difficult process. Jennifer says, “I was suffering in an anxiety-ridden existence. I had a phone phobia, and would break out in hives and cry before every single text or phone call.” In this stressful time, Sara asked Heather Madder to talk to Jennifer, and Heather’s words of confidence changed everything. Jennifer says, “That was the moment I decided I would become a Wellness Advocate. I wanted to believe in myself the way Heather did.”

From then on, Jennifer worked through each difficulty, slowly increasing in confidence. Now, she is an example to all those who struggle. Jennifer is transparent and vulnerable with others, showing them that even when things get extremely difficult, there is always a way out. She has become the nonjudgmental support that now keeps others going.

Though the journey started out rocky, Jennifer is grateful for the change that has taken place in her life. She says, “I am a completely different person standing here—I have struggled, I have overcome, and I am empowered.” Today, Jennifer marches forward with a new life full of service and a mission to help end human trafficking. Her dream is also shared by Jared, who recently joined her in the business. Together, they are working side-by-side to make a difference in many lives. Jennifer says, “I feel overwhelmingly blessed that doTERRA is the kind of company that is designed to allow someone like me to thrive.”



 “I share every struggle with complete transparency. My customers know my heart, and they trust me. The people that are turned off by vulnerability are not my customers. I have complete trust in my voice and my purpose.”


“I didn’t have a large network. So the customers I did find, I became friends with. I made myself their new oil best friend for as long as they needed.”


“I set up a wellness consult with people that I share with, and we chat about what their preferred mode of communication is and if they mind getting texts about product tips and specials.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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