A Vital Change

Giada Hansen

“Now, I actually have something that will help people do what they love doing in life. I can help people reach their highest possibility, their highest potential.”

Life in New York was busy for Giada Hansen. Between working as an actress, a fitness model, and a life coach, there was little time to take breaks. But when Giada’s rapid lifestyle started to take a toll on her health, she knew she needed to make a change. Not willing to become reliant on certain methods of relief, Giada turned to her dear friend and Wellness Advocate, Zia Nix, for a more natural solution. Zia shared doTERRA essential oils with Giada, and after two weeks, Giada says, “I noticed that I had a real increase in energy, and I could focus.”

Though Giada had no intention of start - ing the business, her positive turnaround inspired her to start sharing doTERRA with her friends and family. After filming in Los Angeles, she came back to New York and found a few checks from doTERRA in the mail. The fact that she could make money while she was gone was a surprise to her, and she told herself that from that point on she was going to do doTERRA with purpose.

Early on, Giada was motivated to do well in the business, but realized something very important she had to do first. She says, “You’ve got to be willing to let go of the things that are no longer working in your life in order to have the life you dream about.” She took this to heart and decided to part with relationships in her life that were cutting her down and not supporting her. This helped her break free from unneeded negativity. She also chose to change her attitude about receiving, and allowed others to help her when she really needed it. This openness to receiving help from her friends and upline allowed her to make it through Diamond Club and difficult financial situations that occurred along the way. And lastly, she began a spiritual practice, replaced her fears with faith, and put her future into God’s hands, thanking Him constantly for the help she knew He was providing. By giving up the belief that she had to do it all alone and embracing the new changes, she was able to personally develop in ways that not only made her a better person, but also a better leader.

Giada views self-development as a must and has attracted people to her team who are equally committed to changing themselves to reach goals and serve others while being in Joy. She says, “We’re all committed to growing and to becoming better people who can impact the planet. We have an unwavering sense of honesty developed so we have very clear communication. We take a stand for each other. And that’s because of the personal development.”

When Giada first started her business, her Why was simply to pay rent. She also dreamed of eventually moving to California, which she was able to do. Now, her Why is so much bigger; she is collaborating with non-profit organizations to aid victims of human trafficking. Along with her aspiration to create a safe world for children, her team has become part of her vision; she created a vision board of her team’s Whys to hold space for their dreams, as she knows that the more they succeed, even more people’s lives will be transformed. Giada’s efforts and determination in her doTERRA business are truly making the difference for people near her and around the globe.


Zone in on personal development.

“You have to dive in headfirst, be committed to your growth, be able to expand, and be willing to let go of what’s not working in your life in order to have everything you dream of.”

Learn to receive.

“So often people are right there, but they have this limit, saying, ‘I don’t deserve it,’ or ‘I couldn’t possibly accept that!’ If there is any ounce of shame or guilt around receiving, then you’re going to block yourself subconsciously, and this business will be hard.”

Keep an outward focus.

“It’s never about us. The month I went Diamond, I said, ‘It’s not for me, I have to do this for my downline!’ It’s really about having something that drives us to be bigger than our sales because otherwise, when it gets tough, we’re not going to want to do it.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary on doterra.com.

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