Eager to Help

Dave & Liz Eaton

“I’ve found through doing this how much I love to serve others. It’s something that I didn’t realize I had in me—that passion of helping people this way.”—Dave


After being offered essential oils to help with pregnancy, Liz Eaton attended a doTERRA essential oils class and immediately signed up. “When I like something, I go all in,” Liz says. “I started researching them myself and finding out what oils I really liked.” Dave, Liz’s husband, was also on board with the essential oils, and they used the oils regularly in their home and eventually in the CrossFit gym they own.

Their passion for wellness and their experience with owning businesses encouraged Dave to inquire about the doTERRA business. Liz says, “We started hearing about the good the company does and what it could do for us financially, and we wanted to transition out of Dave’s job and focus more on the gym, health, and wellness altogether; so doTERRA was a perfect fit.” Dave and Liz’s segue into the business was natural because their mindset was in the right place. Dave says, “We were always eager to help people, so transitioning into the business added an element of fun in learning how the business worked.”

At first, both Liz and Dave were nervous about working together full time because they were used to Dave being the boss at work and Liz being the boss at home, but working together in the business turned out to be more rewarding than they ever expected. Dave says, “We were both excited and 100 percent on board with doing it, and I think that made a huge difference with how we grew. We are definitely 10 times stronger as a couple right now than at any point of our 14 years of marriage. Through our work with doTERRA, our training with our upline leader, Molly, and the relationship that we have created, we have grown together even stronger.”

Even their family relationships have changed significantly due to the business. Because they are both doing doTERRA full time, they no longer have to worry about the nine-to-five work life; they can just focus on being together as a family. Liz says, “Our schedules are so flexible that we can be there for our kids whenever we need to be.” In fact, part of their Why is to make sure that they are always there for their children to love and teach them. Liz says, “Being able to teach them about service and building that family unit is something you don’t get in America as much anymore. We want to make sure our kids know that they have a family that loves them and wants to be together.”

Another major motivation for Dave and Liz is to serve their team as they have been served. Dave says, “We have such great leadership above us and we’ve been trained so well in how to do this.” Because of leaders, such as Molly, they want to mirror that leadership and serve their team just as well. Dave and Liz’s doTERRA journey has been one of strength and joy, and they are excited for the opportunities to continue to serve others. Liz says, “I know and believe that this is what I should be doing, and I know and believe other people need it. So I’m going to do whatever it takes to help other people.”



“If you create true, honest relationships with people, outside of doTERRA, just helping and serving others, it is going to help you grow more than anything else.”—Liz


“There is a direct correlation with who is having the most success and who is reaching out to us every day. When you’re working together with somebody, new organic thoughts come into your head.”—Dave


“If you’re into health, go with that. If you’re into crafting, go with that. Go with your niche. I think that makes you feel more comfortable with who you are. Be you. People will be attracted to who you are and what you bring to the table.”—Liz

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