For the Health of Families

Carly Bautista

“I can’t say enough about this business. I love that you can make it what you want it to be, and that you can do it how it works for your schedule and mold it to your life.”

But it’s not only her own personal goals that keeps Carly going. She says, “It starts about you, then you offer to other people. For me, I like to offer the oils to moms, whether they’re a single mom and need a way to provide or other moms like me who want to contribute more to their family.”

Beyond family support and knowing your Why, a solid team is also important for Carly’s success. She says, “Our team is so supportive and encouraging of each other. We’re all friends, we help each other, and we serve each other.” She goes on to say, “My vision for my team is for everyone to have a sense of belonging and that they’re cared for. I think that we definitely do that well.”



“I’ve been doing more Facebook Live events. These are helping to take the place of mentor calls. Instead of spending hours and hours on the phone, I can utilize my time better and get more people the information they need in less time.” 


“Our team is trying to enroll four people a month with a kit. Then, we teach the people we enroll to do the same thing by breaking down the numbers and showing that you can hit Silver in a matter of months. If you stay persistent, even if people are only enrolling one person per month, it pays off.” 


“I remember thinking that Gold was my goal. When I hit the goal of Gold, there was no turning back. Doing the business a bit every day had become part of my routine, and I just had to keep moving forward to my next goal!”

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