Fighting for Freedom

Angela J. Reed

“I recommend this business constantly. The compensation plan is the number-one product I promote. People are desperate for income and for security, and I can help them with that.”

Though the challenges came, Angela was able to overcome them with tenacity and determination, and most importantly, with the help of her family. Angela’s family motto has always been “Team Reed,” so it was very natural for them to all work together to help the business in their own unique way. Joel is the constant support that keeps the many behind-the-scenes projects in line, doing spreadsheets and mass emails, and working with Angela to clean up before classes. Joel and Angela’s children are also avid supporters of the business, learning administrative skills, and even sharing the product with the people around them. Angela says, “I may be the face of our business, but we all pitch in. It’s truly a family business, and thanks to doTERRA, we are now a full-time family.”

Helping families experience the freedom that her family has experienced is a strong motivator for Angela. She says, “We’ve endured the worst a family can in years past with our finances. Knowing we will never go back to that and that we can help other families dig themselves out keeps me going. Because of our experience with doTERRA, our lives are completely different now. We don’t kiss daddy goodbye anymore. We don’t wonder where grocery money is going to come from. We don’t have to decide which child is going to get new shoes. The ability to look to the future with financial hope has taken such an incredible burden off our shoulders, and without that burden, I can feel us becoming the people we knew we were in our hearts. Joel and I want that for every family on our team.”



“I’ve been training my team that sharing the business requires a paradigm shift. We have adopted the mindset that the business opportunity is our number-one product. The oils support that product—not vice versa.” 


“Most people need money now. I always point out that doTERRA pays weekly, then I briefly explain there is a monthly bonus check and other bonuses too. I do not bog them down with too much information.”


“The fact that the oils are a consumable product is very important to remember. I joke with prospective Wellness Advocates that people only need so many new handbags.”

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