Newfound Freedom

Aaron & Amy Storbeck

“Being able to see the positive effects and the positive successes that people are having has been really motivating for me in a way that I never thought would be possible with work.” —Aaron

When Aaron and Amy Storbeck were invited to a doTERRA essential oils class hosted by Aaron’s mother, Amy attended, but was very hesitant about the product. Amy had used essential oils before, but they gave her mixed results, making her question their legitimacy. However, when she went to the class, she was taken aback. She says, “I was surprised at the stories of success that I heard, and when I learned about the CPTG® standard and smelled the oils, I knew there was a difference there, and it made sense to me why the oils I’d used in the past weren’t really effective.”

After that experience, Amy started to share the oils and familiarized herself with the business. The fact that someone could actually make money from home by sharing these oils appealed to her. Amy had been working as a Home Health R.N. prior to doTERRA and was actively looking for ways to use her degree from home so she could be with her children. This motivated her to hold some of her own classes. But it wasn’t until Aaron went on a surfing trip with Wellness Advocate Dru Kiesel that Amy and Aaron both decided to go all-in.

Aaron’s surf trip turned into a lifechanging experience as Dru shared his own successes with the product and business. Aaron was shocked to hear that Dru walked away from his job to do a doTERRA business with his wife, and was intrigued with his excitement for the business. Aaron says, “He was like a walking encyclopedia of doTERRA products and was really fired up about it.” This contagious excitement inspired Aaron and Amy to look more seriously into the business, eventually pushing them to participate in a business training class, two 90-day pushes, and Diamond Club back-to-back. Their dedication helped them reach Diamond and allowed Aaron to resign from his job as an exploration geologist after they hit Platinum.

From their first business training class, they realized that doTERRA was the avenue for them to fulfill their dream of having more freedom. Amy says, “We wanted to have freedom from having a boss, and we wanted to have freedom in our healthcare, in our time, and in our finances.” This freedom has come into their lives in full force since starting doTERRA. Though they knew they would need to sacrifice a little balance for a short time to get their business running, their lives now are more balanced than ever before, with more time to spend with their three children. Amy and Aaron feel strongly that this is a family business and that even with young kids, it is possible to succeed and create stronger family ties.

Along with family freedoms, they have seen numerous other blessings spring from their business—health being one of them. Aaron says, “Our lives are so different because we have this level of wellness that we were not experiencing before.” The oils have helped them take control of their health, and they are finding great joy in sharing them with others. Amy says, “Work is play now because we get to work with people we love, be around the most inspiring individuals, and see lives change when we share oils.” For Amy and Aaron, this new life of freedom and service has truly been an answer to their prayers.

Teach Your Team About...


“Focus on teaching this as a lifestyle. Teach them why this is a better way. When you have these oils in your home and you’re using them consistently, in all areas of life, it becomes a total lifestyle change because they work and are so safe! This naturally leads to value being added to the Loyalty Rewards Program, which in turn leads to a solid residual income.”—Amy


“People want to hear about where we’re coming from, so we’ve just been attracting people who want options. We tell them, ‘Hey, if you want to have freedom in your finances or in your health, here are options. This is what has worked for us.’”—Aaron


“Work with what you have. If you don’t have sample bottles, put a drop in their hand or let them smell it from the bottle. That’s their sample. Let’s not complicate it.”—Amy

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