Freedom from the Storm

Vickie Dickson

“I have more freedom now than I have ever had in any job.”

resources. After holding her first class, she began to watch YouTube videos on how to teach classes, and she started developing her business through trial and error. Because of her background as a nutritionist, teaching became one of her favorite aspects of the business as she was able to teach about the quality of the oils and how they fit into a nutrition-based lifestyle.

Vickie’s passion for nutrition and health is equally shared by those on her team. Uniquely, her team is made up of many nutritionists, registered massage therapists, chiropractors, aroma therapists, and healthcare enthusiasts that share Vickie’s excitement for the oils and their natural benefits. This background has given her team a solid base of knowledge that helps when teaching others about essential oils.

Since her whirlwind beginning, Vickie has seen a significant change in life circumstances and has experienced more freedom than she has had with any other job. She says, “I love my life. I have time during the day, I have time in the evenings, and I can choose where I can spend my time. I work with a rich group of women that I would never have had without doTERRA. I have a friendship with my enroller that I wouldn’t change for anything. It’s just so freeing.”



“People don’t want to see somebody trying this for a little while, and then trying that for a little while, and then trying something else for a little while. They want to know that you’re consistent, and they want to know that you’re authentic.”


“From the very beginning of my business, I’ve been giving out about 100 samples a month. I find this very effective. Of course, they only work if you follow up.”


“I love for people to have a white board, and I like for people to draw out where they are going and not where they are. What I have them do is place their holes because when their structure is drawn out, they know where their holes are for their Power of 3 or for rank or for both. So I try to encourage them to always have that in front of them so that they see it in their sleep, and they know that those are the holes that they have to fill. That way, they don’t get caught up in an emotional decision or in the busyness of life.”

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