Ura & Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall

“I don’t understand how anyone could possibly pass up the doTERRA opportunity. For me, it is the most integritydriven, honest, transparent, and committed company on the face of the earth, and it strives for excellence constantly.” –Petah-Jane

about these oils. I really need to do this as a business.’ The rest was history.”

While the business bloomed, Ura started to have impactful essential oil experiences of his own. He witnessed the game-changing effect of Peppermint while he encountered temporary health issues, and even noticed the positive influence the oils had on his daughter. Ura says, “When Petah-Jane told me that people in the business were called ‘Wellness Advocates,’ I actually laughed, and said, ‘Gee, that’s a bit of a stretch.’ Now the joke is on me.” 

Ura had worked in various enterprises as a CFO and COO in both science and medical fields. He always sought to work for companies that upheld high standards and were in sync with his ideals. While working for a Business Coaching firm, Ura and Petah-Jane attended a CoImpact Sourcing® trip in Queenstown, New Zealand. Ura says, “The first night, Petah-Jane and I were both deeply moved, and I decided to join her full-time in the business. I’d been searching for a place where I could have a positive impact on the world, and it became clear to me that this was absolutely my path.” After this realization, as they were climbing a hill to harvest Douglas fir, Ura pulled out his phone and resigned on the spot.

Ura and Petah-Jane are a powerhouse pair that work to create a cohesive and inspiring team. With every step up, they discover a greater fullness to life and are able to explore their passions more deeply. Ura is currently using his love for writing to author his first book, inspired by doTERRA, and Petah-Jane continues to reach out to those in Egypt, providing them with essential oils and offering humanitarian aid wherever she can. Ura says, “We are driven by touching peoples’ lives, and now, we have the opportunity to do that.”



“Success in this business comes very quickly when you follow the lead of the doTERRA owners and seek to serve. When you come from a place of service and find ways to genuinely enhance the lives around you, people know they can trust you, and they open their hearts.” —Ura


“Do not give up. That is the biggest mistake you can make in this business. Life happens, but don’t allow it to derail you. Stay focused on what you set out to achieve. Being Diamond doesn’t mean a perfect life, but it does mean greater choices.”—Petah-Jane


“Adopt an attitude of abundance. There is not a household in the world that couldn’t benefit from the doTERRA products. Focus your efforts and attention on inspiring people, including the people you have already enrolled.”—Ura

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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