The Family Business

Thomas & Brooke Tazbaz

“The oils intrigued me, and I just had to have them in my home.”

Brooke says, “A couple days later he gave me a call, and from that point on, we did weekly phone calls.” With Boyd’s help and a determination to figure out the business, her team began to expand, and they saw much success and growth.

Once Brooke hit Diamond, Thomas resigned from his job of 35 years to join her in the business. Though difficult to leave his passion in the food and beverage industry, his journey with doTERRA has given him an opportunity to help further the business with his professional skills and to be an example and advocate for men interested in doTERRA. Thomas says, “We found that many women wanted their husbands to be able to hear a male’s perspective about doTERRA, the opportunities, and how successful this could be for them, and that has been great for me.”

But the family business doesn’t stop there. Brooke and Thomas’s oldest daughter, Marce, became a Wellness Advocate at 18, and is now sharing and teaching about the oils with her sorority. Thomas says, “She has learned so much from her mother and seen it work for herself that now she is helping her friends at college. It’s amazing having a 19-year-old understand the business and the product.” They are also proud of their youngest daughter, Harper, who, even though she is eight years old, is a Wellness Advocate in every way and is constantly using and sharing the oils with her friends.

Embracing the doTERRA lifestyle has been a great blessing to the Tazbaz family, and they are enjoying the extra family, health, and time freedom that has come as a result of the business. Now, they continue to press forward to Blue Diamond to expand their reach of influence. Brooke says, “We want to be able to have unlimited funds so that we can help the most people and do the most good. Whether it’s helping someone financially, giving someone a bag of groceries, or offering extra essential oils, we are working for the freedom to give fully.

A Leader...

Makes education a priority.

“It’s really important to be educated and to spend at least one hour every day reading about the different oils. Pick an oil and learn that oil inside and out throughout the week.”—Brooke

Holds one-on-one sessions.

“Brooke was most successful with the one-on-one sessions that she would have with people. The one-on-one sessions have helped us grow to where we are today.”— Thomas

Knows their Why.

“Ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ It sounds so simplistic, but really lay it out there and put it on a board so that your Why is right in your face where you work every day.”—Thomas

Responds back.

“As a leader, no matter who reaches out to you, you need to respond to them and support them. They could be your next Diamond leg. It doesn’t matter where they are or frankly who enrolled them, if they’re asking help from you, give them your time.”—Brooke

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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