Teaching for All Learners


A vIsual learner learns best by seeing information as it helps him or her visualize the connection between concepts.

How to appeal to visual learners:

  • Share a video from the doTERRA YouTube channel to help attendees learn more about essential oils.
  • Prepare visually enlightening presentations with coordinating graphics, charts, and diagrams.
  • Prepare an essential oil demonstration for attendees to watch and learn from.
  • Create presentations, handouts, or graphics that are dynamic in color to appeal to a visual learner’s strong sense of color.



An auditory learner learns best by hearing or speaking information out loud, allowing him or her to better remember and concentrate on information.

How to appeal to auditory learners:

  • Create dynamic presentations with your own voice. Use both soft and loud voices when appropriate to engage learners.
  • Choose specific attendees to read aloud prepared quotes or information that you would like to have highlighted.
  • Set aside time for attendees to share personal experiences or to ask or respond to questions. This will give auditory learners a chance to speak and reaffirm what they are hearing.
  • Offer any returning attendees the opportunity to speak or teach about what they have learned previously.


A reading and writing learner learns best when reading and writing as it helps him or her absorb and internalize information.

How to appeal to reading/writing learners:

  • Prepare a presentation with basic points, quotes, or important information so that it can be clearly read by attendees.
  • Have attendees take a homemade quiz where they can write down answers to questions.
    Examples of quiz questions:

    Are you looking for non-toxic cleaners to use in your home?


    What do you know about essential oils?

    They are obtained from plants and are potent.

  • Give your attendees a pen and paper to write notes on when they arrive.
  • Pass out handouts with a written description of your favorite essential oils and how they can be used at home.


A kinesthetic learner learns best by doing; including touching, moving, experimenting, and acting on information.

How to appeal to kinesthetic learners:

  • Pass out a yummy essential oil recipe that they can make at home. If you would like, have some samples of the recipe ready so that they can taste it and feel excited about making it at home.
  • Have your class participate in making an essential oil DIY. (For DIY ideas, visit: doterra.com/US/en/blog-products)
  • Pass around a bottle of essential oils in class. Have attendees smell the oil while taking slow and steady breaths. If the oil can be applied topically, have each attendee place a drop on their skin.
  • Give samples of product to attendees so that they can apply and experience the effect of the essential oils in their everyday lives.

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