The Yellow Brick Road

Robert & Suzanne McGee

“The essential oils have been a blessing to us, and they are a blessing to the community. We truly believe that this is God’s medicine. It’s naturally filled with vibration and light.”


They followed that brightly lit, yellow pathway by using the essential oils on themselves and then integrating them into their wellness center and using them on clients. Once they enrolled, they were able to go farther down the path and learn many lessons and gain personal attributes that helped them become the leaders that they wanted to be. They say, “We followed the yellow brick road, and along our journey, we gained courage, much like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. We learned courage to share a natural form of healthcare with family, friends, and the community.”

But courage was not the only thing they found on their journey. Like the scarecrow, they say, “We have been given knowledge—the knowledge of essential oils and the business opportunity. This has empowered us in so many ways.” And like the tin man, they say, “We have been given a heart of passion and caring. Because of our experience with essential oils, we are able to reach out with caring hearts and touch the lives of people within our families and our communities.”

This journey to Oz has offered Robert and Suzanne a world of many new and exciting adventures that have changed their lives and business forever. For their entire adult lives, they had been searching for an opportunity that would allow them to learn, experience, and give—doTERRA opened them to all of these possibilities. They say, “We love watching the yellow brick road start from our front door and flow right out into the community as it spreads its colorful magic into the dreary, fast-paced world of stress, pressure, and sensory overload. These essential oils match our passion, inspire us to create, and help us realize the valued attributes that were inside of us all along. For that, we will always be eternally grateful.”

Six Tips for Success

  • Be a force for good. “Always focus on how you can empower another. Service is our primary focus from our customers to our business partners.”
  • Be determined. “Determination trumps talent every time. Never give up. Know why you do what you do every day, and go toward that always.”
  • Serve hot-fresh help. “Offer a way for people to find solutions for their everyday health.”
  • Live bright. “Live by example. We live the oils, the leadership, and the mantra of doTERRA every day. Sparkle everywhere.”
  • Share with heart. “We never see people with dollar signs on their foreheads. We see them as new friends and family. We are interested in them. They love us because we first love them.”
  • Have a “no respecter of persons” mentality. “Share with everyone. We do not deter anyone from the jewels we have to offer.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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