Balance and Blessings

Mark & Lindsey Elliott

“doTERRA has allowed us to dream again.”


their hard work and loved being able to share a product they believed in, but through it all, they never sacrificed what was most important to them—family.

Lindsey says, “We feel like God has made it very clear to us that I’m a mom first. He’s given us our beautiful children, so that’s definitely our first priority. The reason that we love doTERRA and the reason that we want it to work is because of the time freedom it offers us as a family.” Because of the increased timefreedom Lindsey and Mark experienced through the business, Lindsey wanted to connect and share with other moms so that they could experience the same liberties. Now, Lindsey and Mark’s team is mainly composed of moms who are seizing the business opportunity and inspiring families.

When Mark and Lindsey started the business, their motivation was to share the oils so that their family and families around them could experience the power of essential oils. Now that they have seen this come to fruition, their dreams have expanded, and they are working toward an early retirement for Mark and looking forward to going on missions as a family. Lindsey says, “doTERRA has given us the ability to dream again. We felt like we lost the ability to say, ‘These are the things we want in life,’ and we didn’t see those dreams as possibilities. But now we do.”



“We emphasize that everyone has a Why along with other goals because there are going to be hard days ahead, days where you don’t want to do this. Having that Why and those goals will push you to continue on even when you don’t feel like it.”


“Always have classes and always continue to share. If you stop doing that, you are going to take a step back.”


“doTERRA has so many resources out there. I used all the resources that doTERRA offered in terms of building and sharing. Consistently learning and growing in the knowledge of the product and business will work to your benefit.”


“Once you are past the level of Elite, make sure that your builders’ goals line up with your goals. Make sure that you don’t get too caught up in what you want and how to pull your leaders with you. Look toward them and see what is important to them and meet them where they are; otherwise, it gets really frustrating and you get burnt out.”


“Have fun with your business. Sometime you just need to take a step back from it all and remember why you joined doTERRA.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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