A Better World

Luz Maria Arguelles

few are produced with social and environmental responsibility.” As a biologist, Luz Maria has seen from her studies that the properties of essential oils are a positive solution for this current issue, and this understanding gives her conviction in her purpose as a Wellness Advocate and motivates her to keep sharing.

While she is working hard, helping to better the world around her, Luz Maria has a strong support team behind her—her family. Her daughters and her husband are consistently there for her, and they even actively share the oils with those around them. Her husband has been crucial to her business development as he takes care of the girls when she is traveling or at Diamond Club and constantly believes in her. Her family is her unfailing inspiration.

Luz Maria’s experience has empowered her since the very beginning. She says, “In doTERRA, I have found the right foundations to develop, grow, and express myself. It has changed many aspects of my life in the sense that I have found a great setting for doing what I love and what I believe is good for our society. I enjoy my work, and I know I am contributing to make a better world. Working with my friends is a privilege, and I am always meeting new people. I feel confident and satisfied with all the roads I have travelled. I am truly inspired to keep going.”


  • “Share doTERRA from your heart.”
  • “Have confidence in the company and its essential oils.”
  • “Never underestimate any enrollee. There is a potential star in the least expected person.”
  • “Motivate your team by helping them remember that behind every effort must be their Why. When you are certain about your Why, nothing can stop you.”
  • “Create instant messaging groups to help with follow-up. Specialize each group with specific topics such as health, emotions, sports, pets, home-related topics, and business building.”
  • “Clarify your objectives, be perseverant, and be creative, and you will reach Diamond.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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