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Leslie Gail

“Just keep going, no matter what the day holds. Keep watering those seeds because they’re going to sprout and flourish, and you’re going to wake up one day and have a beautiful array of flowers.”

son now uses the oils regularly to manage his health, and her thirteen-yearold daughter is sharing diffuser bracelets and Wild Orange with all of her friends. Leslie says, “They now have a resource to make them feel better or help them emotionally when they’re struggling. Because of this foundation, they’re going to approach their health differently when they become adults. That’s part of the reason I wanted to do this.”

Leslie’s husband, Roger, is key in her influence. Leslie says, “Without Roger’s support, I wouldn’t be here.” Roger has fully supported her since the beginning, and he believed in Leslie’s vision without question. Through classes, events, and two rounds of Diamond Club, Roger worked hard so that Leslie could continue to create a solid base of health for friends and strangers alike.

The doTERRA business has given Leslie the ability to influence the health of others in a greater capacity than she ever imagined. She says, “I’ve been able to plant so many seeds and change so many peoples’ lives. I’m helping people clean up their homes and get rid of toxic ingredients. It is powerful to know that I can empower others in their health by giving them the right tools. This business has also given me the opportunity to teach my children the power of following their passions because they have seen me do it. Now they know that when you follow your passions, set goals, and work hard, you can achieve anything.” 



“You have to have a passion for what you’re doing. When you have passion, people feel that when they meet you, and they trust you right away. The energy that comes from your passion is contagious.”


“You have to be purposedriven, and your purpose has to be something bigger than just you. Knowing your purpose is going to get you up when your team is falling apart, and it will keep you from throwing in the towel.” 



“Positivity is critical because if you are negative or you set that tone, other people are going to feel it. If a leader is positive, they’re going to set that tone for their team, and if their team picks up on that positivity, that energy will trickle down through the organization.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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