The Unexpected Journey

Justin & Janelle Mueller


Justin and Janelle Mueller were desperate to help their son who struggled with focusing. When Janelle’s friend, Melissa, encouraged them to use doTERRA essential oils, Janelle was extremely skeptical, but decided there was no harm in trying. Janelle and Justin began using InTune®, doTERRA Serenity®, doTERRA Balance®, Lavender, and Cedarwood on their son, and the impact was incredible.

Their initial doubt with essential oils started to fade the more they used them, but regardless of their positive experiences, they had no intention or desire to build a business. Yet, one week after enrollment, Janelle enrolled someone, and six weeks later, she quit her job to pursue her doTERRA business full-time. Janelle says, “I was working in a toxic environment before doTERRA and was so unhappy, and Justin just wanted me out of there. He really stepped up at home in order for me to work my full-time job and doTERRA. It was an exhausting six weeks, but I earned enough to feel confident about leaving.”

Janelle’s passion for entrepreneurship and previous career experience gave her the perfect foundation to create the momentum the business needed. She says, “I have owned my own business in the past, and that prepared me for having to take ownership of my successes and failures.” Another stabilizing factor to the business is her husband and business partner, Justin. While Janelle takes the head role of the business and does mentoring, teaching, and enrolling, Justin networks, collects contacts, attends every event, and picks up any slack, all while being active duty military. Justin says, “When we walked as Golds at convention in 2015, I forgot to take my backpack off, and I looked like an excited school boy. Everyone still teases me. Our Presidential Diamond, Matt Janssen, told me at our last convention,

“Where else can you serve others so genuinely while making this kind of income?”

‘Don’t ever stop carrying the backpack.’ It really is a metaphor for carrying a different type of work load while Janelle is out there building our business.”

Together, Justin and Janelle use their individual and collective abilities to build and sustain a Diamond team. Janelle says, “Our team knows that we are here for them and that we will go to bat for them. This has created such a sense of trust between us.” Because of the trust and support that Janelle and Justin have given, they have attracted team members who work endlessly to be there for each other. Janelle says, “My team members are genuine friends. It is not unusual at all for them to help each other out at classes or to help mentor each other’s downlines. When it is push time, we all roll up our sleeves and say, ‘What needs to be done?’ ‘How can we help?’ Reaching Diamond is just as much a pat on the back for them as it is for us.”

Though their doTERRA journey was unexpected, it has transformed many facets of Justin and Janelle’s life. Janelle says, “Our life has changed so drastically. We are able to homeschool our son and pick up our daughter each day from school. The financial stability it has given us has allowed us to purchase in-town acreage like we’ve always wanted. We also have the ability to give more. We no longer look at the future with doubt. We look forward to it now, knowing that we will have the resources we need to fulfill our dreams.”



 “We try to hold a customer appreciation event quarterly. We make it open-house style, and each event has a theme. They come so excited to learn. They also always go home with something that shows them we care about them.” 


“Events are always free to our customers, so I ask all builders to chip in a bit with their time and resources. This creates a sense of pride for those builders, knowing they helped pull off a fantastic event.” 


“Another thing we do at events is hold a raffle to benefit a local charity or the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. Customers pay three dollars a ticket, and builders donate oils and oil-related prizes. Our last raffle allowed us to donate over 150 pairs of men’s socks to our local homeless shelter. This allows our customers to understand the heart of the company.”

Results not typical. Average earnings are less. See doTERRA Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary.

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