The Best Version of Myself

Jerry & Kim Camuso


Kim Camuso kept hearing about doTERRA essential oils from other moms in her friend group. The oils appealed to Kim who was already a holistic-minded individual and a massage therapist; however, she had no desire to start a membership. Instead, she began trading massages for Frankincense with one of her clients.

Before Kim started using essential oils, she would go to great lengths to create a holistic lifestyle for her and her family. But when doTERRA came into the picture, she felt a burden lifted. She says, “doTERRA was really straight forward, and the education and information from the company really simplified how we took care of our family.” This information also opened her to the importance of purity and quality and raised her confidence in using the oils with her children and in her massage therapy practice.

Despite her success with the oils, she resisted joining the business, but her heart for helping others ultimately urged her down the doTERRA path. She says, “The business was never something I thought that I would do, but when you start to get these oils into your hands, and they start to support you in all of these different ways, you can’t help but share with others.” 

Another part of her motivation to share stemmed from thinking about her children’s generation and their lack of natural health opportunities. In a world that is getting further from holistic care, Kim wanted to share the oils so that generations to come could have something to rely on to manage their health naturally.

Now, Kim is fully invested in the business and shares the oils with anyone and everyone. Kim’s vision is also upheld by her husband, Jerry, who has been a constant support 

“I think the world genuinely wants to rally behind those who have the courage to try and make a difference.” 

throughout her doTERRA experience and is now working fulltime in the business with her. Jerry says, “It has been an absolute privilege and honor joining my wife in this business. Not only do I genuinely believe in the products, but this experience has brought us even closer as a couple.”

Jerry and Kim live their lives in a way that is true and unique to them, and they focus on helping a variety of people embrace themselves and the oils that have made such a difference to them. Kim says, “We have a really colorful lifestyle, and it’s been rewarding to be able to reach many people who didn’t have a lot of exposure to essential oils or who didn’t think that they were deserving of this way of living. We’re working really hard to break the mold and bring as many socio-economic classes, as many cultures, and as many different types of people to the benefits of natural wellness.” The people they have reached out to over time have come together to form a strong team of individuals who are willing to use their strengths to better the world and support one another. Kim says, “I am most proud of my team, and even though we are at this rank, I truly believe that I am not a Diamond, but that I have a Diamond team.”

Since joining doTERRA, Jerry and Kim have seen great growth in those they share oils with, their team, and especially themselves. Kim says, “I am financially contributing to my family. I have amazing friends who care about helping others as much as I do. I’m stepping into a realm that I’ve always been really passionate about. I just feel like I’m closer to the best version of myself than I’ve ever been.”



“Nobody tells you when you start sharing doTERRA that it is a catalyst that can bring you to your true calling. All of the sudden, you’re not just using essential oils, but you’re becoming a better person. You’re more loving, you’re more accountable, you’re more trustworthy, and you begin to let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore for a higher purpose.”


“If you can show up as yourself every day and take action, then you will connect with people who want to see you succeed.”


“A big part of building is being brave enough to start, stick with it, hang in there when it gets hard, and show up authentically every day.”

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